P.T. Unseen Content – Silent Hill Full Map Explored – Town and Streets Area

The legendary cancelled horror game, Silent Hills had a Playable Teaser (P.T) which was a playable demo in which we looped through a house and things got scarier each time the room looped but we could not explore Silent Hill. Mr. Lance McDonald on YouTube has fixed that and went on to upload videos showing us a portion of the fully rendered Silent Hill that we could have explored if the game was released.

In the words of the video creator: So there we have it, the entirety of Silent Hill as it exists in P.T., probably more unseen content in this one map than there’s actually “seen” content in the normal game hahah. But seriously that hack to make the player float took months to make work so I hope you did find something interesting about this one, it’s been a very long time in the making. Not exactly cut content is it? But just falls into the category of “unseen”.

Video 1 (Latest):

Video 2 (older):

Someone send these to Mr. Kojima and hopefully, we will get a similar horror game someday. Especially now that Mr. Kojima has expressed an interest in creating horror games. Source

For now, it is fortunate that a YouTuber like Mr. Lance McDonald has created these videos so that we could see the remaining locked part of modern next gen Silent Hill.

YouTuber Lance McDonald’s Channel link

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2 thoughts on “P.T. Unseen Content – Silent Hill Full Map Explored – Town and Streets Area

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  1. This video just proves how much they were heading in the right direction of a brand new era of Silent Hill, however upon watching as well it made me sad realizing that we won’t ever get to see this unless some miracle happens.

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    1. I also feel sad whenever I see something like P.T. again. Fan games, “inspired” games are good enough but P.T. is something that can’t be repeated. I think the closest thing to a miracle could be Konami apologizing to Kojima and making a deal with Sony, and Kojima Productions to make a year exclusive PS4/PS5 title called Silent Hills. Or simply renting the IP to Capcom, Sony or Team Silent.

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