Everyone Laugh At Leanne (2019) Teaser tells about Paranoia and horror!

M. W. Daniels, the creator of House of Lexi horror film released a teaser of “Everyone Laugh at Leanne” in Nov 2019.

The teaser shows some nightmarish scenarios about isolation, paranoia, fear of others harming the protagonist and psychological horror.

Here’s the Teaser:


A Film By M. W. Daniels With Kerry Newton Tom Coulston Josie O’ Rourke Jodie Clark O’ Rourke Caisa Martin

Sound Recordist Denise Yarde Make Up Artists Grace Marlborough & Shona Hussein Music by M. W. Daniels Director Of Photography, Editor and Sound Design Nicolai Kornum Written, Produced & Directed by M. W. Daniels

Film’s Facebook

Film’s IMDb

Director M. W. Daniels on Twitter

Our post about: “House of Lexi” – Short Film

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