“The Lighthouse” – Movie Review

From the director of, The Witch. Robert Eggers is set for his next film project. The Lighthouse.
The story of two lighthouse keepers on a remote and mysterious New England island in the 1890s.

Now, this could go either way. We saw the backlash of The Witch, the good and well those expecting “more”. When it was nothing more than an American Folktale.

 As most people that were introduced to Robert Egger’s directing and writing was for his debut cult film. The Witch. Where critics were saying “Satan would watch The Witch six times.” and, well it does and should stick with people even without the scares. Because in all reality, it’s like a historical event that came to life on the screen.

While we patiently waited for Egger’s return to the screen of his next project, what would he pull off next? That’s where “The Lighthouse” happened. Unfortunately, my theater didn’t bring in the film for the big screen like they did “The Witch”, so I had to wait till the physical release of January 14th for Blu-ray/DVD even though it did become available on VOD sooner. What also got my hype up was the soundtrack release, we had a nice Vinyl release, CD and Digital version. Which the composer is Mark Korven, who also composed The Witch.

Now on with the review, The Lighthouse features only two actors on screen throughout the entirety of the film, except for when mythical creatures become part of the story themselves. We watch as new recruit, Thomas Howard, played by Robert Pattinson finds himself trapped on the island caring for the building himself with elder light keeper. Thomas Wake, played by Willem Dafoe.

Mr. Wake, who has cared for the place and the light doesn’t seem to share. Nor does he take Mr. Howard seriously when it comes down to “making a name for himself.” if I may say. Because of the way he treats him, while spying on everything the newcomer does. He especially doesn’t take kindly for disrespecting the seagulls, which to Mr. Wake are Sailors that lost their lives and were reincarnated into seagulls.

Later on we learn how Mr. Howard is possibly hallucinating from the boredom and drinks and lack of food or sleep if not all. As Howard finds a Mermaid, played by  Valeriia Karaman appears on the rocks covered in seaweed. Which could be from the carved statue that was found within his bed mattress from the previous keeper. However, it also seems the hallucinations don’t stop there either, as we witness Mr. Wake’s version of the King of the Sea Beast (with tentacles coming to life).

By the end of the film, all havoc has been caused and Mr. Wake just isn’t a man who should be in charge. Like one little example is without saying too much is Mr. Wake likes to take Mr. Howard’s words and switch them around. In conclusion, The Lighthouse is a must see film, recorded in black and white, 4:1 screen ratio which isn’t full screen. So it feels like the old classic black and white films we all grew up with, and what technology was before getting these high definition flat screens when we all once had a box TV.

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  1. Very nice review. You simply can’t go wrong with William DaFoe. Robert Pattinson, has proven that he can do mature and serious roles, which is a much needed trait for his upcoming Batman movie. Looking forward to watching this and his Batman movie too.

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