Frank Martin’s “EMPTY” – A One-shot Comic Review

Plot; Joey wakes alone in an empty city. Now he must find peace in the loneliness before it devours him. For fans of twisted urban thrillers.

EMPTY was funded via Kickstarter on September 20th 2019, it ran for a total of 9 days with a goal of $750, finishing with 50 backers and raising $846.

You may be familiar with Frank Martin, known for his two sided book Ordinary Monsters. It seems Frank and his partner Mervyn Jones wanted to create something quick and easy, that’s what they did with Empty. 29 page comic that just needs one little introduction, nothing more than just a nice standalone.

Picture you’re watching the old classic “Twilight Zone”, remember the episode where the guy is in a town all by himself? No one around, can go anywhere he wanted and eat, drink, smoke, talk nonsense to himself? That’s what Empty totally reminds me of. It’s a nice quick comic, mainly black and white and felt sort of rushed with some area’s of drawings of the atmosphere. Otherwise, it’s just plain and… Empty.

I honestly say read it for yourself, I mean Frank Martin is letting people read the digital comic for FREE, why waste my breath more? Just hop over here and start reading today. Now that’s what I call a nice quick review, support indie creators today.

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