Women In Horror Month Special: “Antibirth”

Antibirth is a cinematic nightmare. The story focuses on Lou (Natasha Lyonne), who, after a wild party, begins experiencing strange things happening to her body. She is made to believe that she is pregnant, until she meets Lorna (Meg Tilly), who drops a bombshell on her with talks of conspiracies.

Director Danny Perez delivers an Oscar-worthy production that elevates in every aspect, from the behind-the-scenes production to the big screen execution. The whole production crew makes this a remarkable cinematic experience for the audience.

The foundation of the the concept around Antibirth is rooted with vines that spread in various paths. One on path, there is the transparent drug addiction that acts as the base of the foundation. From there, it merges to the far end of the spectrum with the translucent undertones of abduction, prostitution, and rape.

Speaking of, Lou becomes a guinea pig for all of this. Gabriel (Mark Webber) is a drug dealer, who has come in contact with some new clients who want to test out a new drug that was more affordable in cost, but still gives a good high. Lou was made to believe the experimental drug was intended to present a state of euphoria for the user. Yet, she would find herself thrust into a battle that’s far from euphoric.

Natasha Lyonne
Natasha Lyonne

Natasha Lyonne goes beyond expectations in her portrayal of Lou; a vulnerable character that’s deeply strong-willed and has a skin that’s thicker than most. She submerges herself full-on in this role and character, showing her astounding talents.

Natasha isn’t only known for her powerful role in Antibirth. She’s also the main character in the Netflix gem, Russian Doll, a series created by herself, Leslye Headland, and Amy Poehler. Natasha has countless projects under her Director, Writer, Producer, and Actress belt.

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