Horror Comic Review: Frank at Home on the Farm Issue #2

Without spoiling, we review the second issue of horror comic “Frank at Home on the Farm”. A unique comic that explores the farm life and post war trauma along with some paranormal happenings.

The creators are: Jordan Thomas – the writer, Clark Bint – the artist , Nicholas Stephen Paul – lettering.


Frank has returned to his family’s farm to find something wrong. Very wrong.FRANK AT HOME ON THE FARM tells the story of a man returning home from the frontline of World War 1 to find his family mysteriously missing from their farm. FRANK is an intense tale of horror and paranoia where nothing makes sense and everything that barks also bites

Spoiler Free Review:

The unique horror comic that blends horror, war, and animals is back. The story of Frank Cross continues at the farm where Frank is hearing strange voices while still being concerned about his family’s whereabouts. The first issue focused on the search of Frank’s family, introduction of the town people, and Frank settling down at his family farm after returning from the Great War (World War I). The second issue shifts the focus to the farm life, backstory of an important character from the town, the strange voices, nightmares, Frank’s stress and the animals of the farm. This comic issue is a definite must buy if you have the first issue of the Frank at Home on the Farm and if you haven’t tried out the first issue, then please read our review of it for some insights-Horror Comic Review: Frank at Home on the Farm Issue #1.

 The second issue has more horror, gore, and suspense, besides retaining the charm of first comic issue. There are some new characters introduced in this issue related to an important character from the first issue. The story of the character is sad, like-able, and humorous at the right time. There seems to be some purpose of the new mini story other than Frank’s story but that’s not revealed yet. Nevertheless, it feels like a story about true love, perils of old age, and yet, trying to find joy in the daily life no matter what the age is.

  Frank’s story is now more like a war veteran struggling with the farm duties because he is tormented by the strange voices, the nightmares, and strange happenings at the farm. Frank is often disturbed by the strange happenings at the farm, and the blackouts that make him see weird things. The struggle is showed in a creative and thrilling way to make this truly an entertaining and terrifying read. The visuals are often violent but only when needed, as they heavily increase the horror value.

The comic ends on a creepy and somewhat funny situation. It will definitely make you want to read the next issue and also, re-read this issue for many clues about the hidden meaning of some situations shown. I wish it was not a semi-cliffhanger like that but that’s perhaps, because we have to treat these comic issues like “episodes” of the story. The 28 paged comic issue has enough content to satisfy the reader and thus, the approach is justifiable.

 Overall, there is a lot of horror and beautiful story in this comic that will leave you happy even while you desire to know what happens next in the third issue. The focus on horror, nightmares and the farm has definitely made this issue a creepy read which will keep you on the edge of the seat. The mini story of the elder characters is sweet and feels like a good addition to the terrifying comic. Everything seems to be building the atmosphere for the creepy and funny stuff to come in the issue 3. For animal and horror lovers, the series terrifies you and makes you chuckle at the unexpected moments. Worth trying for any horror comic fan!

Preview pages & Information from the Issue 2 Kickstarter Legacy / archive page:

Clark gives good horse.
Clark gives good horse.

To catch you up on the story so far, when Frank Cross returned home following his service in World War 1, he expected to be greeted by his elated parents and younger brother. Instead he found their farm empty except for the animals. 

Frank is already damaged from his experiences at war when we meet him, carrying both physical and mental scars. As the story progresses we see more and more of the severe mental trauma, inner-turmoil and demons Frank has brought back from the trenches to the quiet English countryside.

It's all fun and games till a cow soldier crushes someone's head.
It’s all fun and games till a cow soldier crushes someone’s head.

Frank At Home On The Farm #2 is the 28-page second chapter of our beautifully illustrated four-part miniseries. 

Combining the isolationist horror of The Shining with the body-horror of David Cronenberg and Jacob’s Ladder, the story twists and turns right the way to the end. With every flip of the page you’ll find yourself pulled further into Frank’s nightmare – imagine Guillermo Del Toro directing an adaption of Animal Farm.

Hunny, I'm home.
Hunny, I’m home.

In Issue 2, we find Frank deteriorating fast, both physically and mentally – his obsessions and post-traumatic stress taking its toll. He is continuing to search for his missing family but also becoming more and more distrusting of the world outside the farm as he makes discoveries that raise terrible questions about the fate of his parents and brother.

Frank flaunting numerous health and safety procedures here.
Frank flaunting numerous health and safety procedures here.

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Issue 4 Featured Image!

Final Issue: Horror Comic Review: Frank At Home On The Farm Issue #4

Kickstarter Legacy / Archive Page

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