Our Next Film “TERROR TRAIL” Comes to Kickstarter

Back last year we attempted to bring you The Passenger: A Vermont Urban Legend which was funded in less than 48 hours. From there we were able to add more effects from AfterMidnight FX (Katie Kensworthy) while making fake blood and more. Which if you haven’t yet, here is the playlist for the full blown Movie and Behind the Scenes.

A skeptic of the paranormal picks up a hitchhiker on a desolate road. We’ve heard the lore but did we miss more to the story?

“This is a powerful tale that will connect to viewers on an emotional level.”
Stace Meister Horror Corner

“Once you finish watching, you feel like knowing more about the urban legend.”
Darsh Reviews Movies

“The Passenger is a very fun and satisfying peek into Vermont’s Urban Legend.”
Cannibal Kidd Reviews

“It’s a solid start for Paul and his team.”
HorrO’s Gory Reviews

We tried doing one for The Witch, however that attempt failed. From there we decided to take a break and figure out something else. From there, TERROR TRAIL was created. Set out to be a tribute to the old style of a B Monster film, Terror Trail brings you into the Glastenbury Mountains of Vermont where everything Supernatural and more co-exist with one another. And it all starts with one hiker.

On March 13th (Friday) we will be looking for funds, once we reach our initial goal. We will have quite a few Stretch Goals. We cannot wait, and right now you can pre-save our campaign by clicking here and once it goes live. You will be the first to be notified. We also want to include music by our friend over at White Bat Audio.

Rewards include campaign updates, end credits | imdb credits, digital goodies, producer, become part of the urban legend by a missing person flyer and signed posters.

Stretch Goals will be listed once we reach our goal, and there’s one goal I’d LOVE to unlock.

Written by Tristin Notte (writer) & Paul Dulski (co-writer)
Starring Jeremy Pratico (from The Passenger) and TBA.


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