John Carpenters Tales of Science Fiction: Redhead #4 – Comic Review

It’s Marnie’s worst nightmare: trapped upside-down in a tube, the subject of a series of hellish experiments to uncover the cause of her strange condition (i.e., instantly killing anyone who comes too close to her). If she’s going to survive, Marnie is going to have learn how to harness her bizarre “power” and escape, even if that means heads will have to roll…

Written by Duane Swierczynski
Art by Jason Felix
Lettering by Janice Chiang
Edited by Sandy King
Covers by Tim Bradstreet

Lab rats, test subjects. Everything you could possibly think of. Food is not always a good thing, especially when it can expand your radius of death from whatever exactly is going on with you. However, at least the cute bunnies were not harmed in the making of this comic issue. As for the lab scientists, well they got what was coming for them.

Once outside, our protagonist heads to this “safe haven” within the desert for infectious disease guy told Marnie to head to for shelter. Upon arrival, we learn the identity of disease guy. Paul, which is the same name as the one writing this review as you read this. I don’t think this “Paul” is going to have a happy ending, that’s for sure.

The finale is coming, what could happen to finally stop whatever is going on with Marnie? Can Paul stop the treat or just become another count to the added dead bodies? Finally, the story is where the first issue technically started. In a way, it’s a nice taste of a TV show to watch, at least we can see more of these “other cases” that has been confirmed. And possibly know more while having a bloody good time.

Duane is creating a hit, that needs to be turned into an actual TV show, Marnie could become a deadly hit. Jason is just nailing the artwork and inks, it’s just bloody goodness. Janice, her lettering is ever short and smooth. And John Carpenter and Sandy King Carpenter should be looking at their next big seller, it’s a perfect blend of colors, story, comedy, blood and a smart ass protagonist.

“Redhead needs to become a TV show.”



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