Horror Comic Review: Mary Shelley Presents The Case of Sir Alister Moeran by Margaret Strickland

Without spoiling, we review the 40 paged horror comic and novel hybrid “Mary Shelley Presents The Case of Sir Alister Moeran by Margaret Strickland”, story adopted by award winning, NY Times Bestselling Author Nancy Holder, published by Kymera Press and also includes the original story text by Edith Nesbit with narration concept & inspiration of Mary Shelley.

The team: AMELIA WOO (Penciller and Inker), SANDRA MOLINA (Colorist), DEARBHLA KELLY (Colorist), LAURIE FOSTER (Inker), & SAIDA TEMOFONTE (Letterer).

Official Synopsis:

In celebration of the 200th anniversary of Frankenstein, we decided to use Mary Shelley to introduce the horror stories written by her contemporaries. As she says in our first issue:

“That night I dreamed of The Creature, pieced together from corpses, revived … and unloved. His tragedy has granted me immortality. Other women writers of my time have not been as lucky. Famous once, their ghostly stories now gather dust.”

Adapted by multiple award-winning and NYT bestselling author Nancy Holder (Buffy the Vampire Slayer novels), this third issue features Margaret Strickland’s, The Case of Sir Alister Moeran.

Captain Maurice Kilvert returns from India to find his beloved Ethene is engaged to Sir Alister Moeran, a man everyone assures him is a splendid match. One fateful night, Ethene’s somnolent wanderings lead them all to a terrifying discovery.

First published in the July 1913 issue of the The Novel Magazine magazine. The story was later collected in the anthology Uncanney Tales first published in 1916.  The original text of the short story is included in the back of this book, after the comic adaptation.

Spoiler-Free Review:

   Kymera Press’ Horror comic novel hybrid’s third issue explores the classic story of “The Case of Sir Alister Moeran” by the real life Victorian era novelist, Margaret Strickland, aptly adopted by NYT bestselling author, Nancy Holder. The story, being imagined as a narration of the ghost of Frankenstein’s creator Mary Shelley. Each comic from “Mary Shelley Presents” series tells a unique story that’s featured in the title of each comic, and thus, each comic can act as a standalone masterpiece but the beauty of this series is that, no matter which one is your first “Mary Shelley Presents” comic, you’ll love it so much that you’ll want to collect all the four comic issues.

  The first issue focused on the motherly love, the second on the love between a newlywed couple, and this one focuses on a love triangle. The story is set in Victorian era England, and starts with a man called Captain Maurice Kilvert returning from India. He gets the shocking news that his childhood friend Ethene is returning with her fiancé Sir Alister Moeran, whom she met in Egypt. He’s not very happy but seeing her happy, he hides his feelings from her. The story gets interesting as the time period shown here is during the Valentine’s Day week, so, the love triangle plot seems fitting. The stranger brought by her brings a lot of doubts into the mind of Captain Maurice Kilvert, as he’s concerned for his friend’s future and safety with this stranger. There are interesting stories shared by Sir Alister Moeran, during a relaxed informal meet during the storm before the Valentine’s Day Party. The storm traps the people in the big house, and strange things start happening. As a creepy or somewhat comedic addition to the story, Ethene has a habit of sleep walking which makes things worse when the real horror starts.

   The story is adopted very well as the suspense continues for a very long time, and even if you can guess the secret, the way things unfold leave you flabbergasted. The scenes, the use of blood and gore is appropriately done here. Humans, dogs, birds, buildings, and everything here is illustrated in a realistic way, and suitable to the Victorian era art. Like with the previous two issues, the entire team has worked really hard on this issue, and it shows in the quality of the book.

   Overall, the third issue lives up to the hype of the brand. There’s the right amount of humor, horror, love, and gore in this one to make any horror comic fan happy. The original text after the comic ends helps provide an enjoyable reading experience. The unique concept of bringing back classic horror stories which may have been forgotten is a noble and necessary work in today’s times where newer generation needs to know classic horror literature through innovative presentation. Like the imagined narration says, Frankenstein has made Mary Shelley immortal but other female authors are not so lucky, and that’s why Mary Shelley’s narration helps to give these authors the limelight they deserve. The 40 paged horror comic novel package has enough content to make you fall in love with classic horror literature through an innovative story-telling by re-imagining a classic Victorian era horror story as a horror comic. It provides you the original text to enjoy the classic story in the original form and to compare so that you can admire the difficult work that Nancy Holder and the team has done to create a series of modern horror comics by adapting timeless classic horror stories.

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Sample Pages (From Issue 2 but the art style is similar, thus, a good representation):

Here’s a look at a few pages from the second book in the series. The story is titled Man-Size in Marble and is by Edith Nesbit with the graphic adaptation by Nancy Holder.  

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Mary Shelley, Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley was an English novelist who wrote the Gothic novel Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus. She also edited and promoted the works of her husband, the Romantic poet and philosopher Percy Bysshe Shelley – Wikipedia

Margaret Strickland (c. 1880–1970) was a prolific American writer of magazine stories and novels for adults and children, including the Michael Gerahty detective novels. Her works and papers have been collected by New York University‘s Fales LibraryWikipedia

Read the Review of the first issue “Mary Shelley Presents The Old Nurse’s Story” by Elizabeth Gaskell

Review of the second issue: Horror Comic Review: Mary Shelley Presents Man-size in Marble by E. Nesbit

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