“Campfire Stories” – Comic Review

Having arrived early to Ruby Rivers Summer Camp, five camp counselors decide to tell the scariest stories and local legends they know. From monstrous creatures to conniving witches and the horrors of a dark forest. Campfire Stories spans 60 years with each story set in a different decade and told through a variety of horror styles.

Written by Asa Wheatley.
Lettered by Lucas Gattoni.
Script Edits by Ayoola Solarin.
Cover by Natasha Alterici.
Pin Up Gallery by Alice Urbino, Dean Beattie, Zoe Thorogood.

Here is my spoiler free review below, I get comfy by the fire with each tale and what you can expect from them. Don’t forget to #SupportIndie creators. Campfire Stories was funded via Kickstarter, reaching a total of £1,747 with 179 backers.

“Sitting by the Fire”
Illustrated by Kevin Keane

Like the usual friend meetup, gathered around a fire with stories to tell. Whether their nonfiction or fiction stories over a campfire, I guess it’s up to you to decide.

“Hungry for More”
Illustrated by Garry Mac

If you’re going for a cabin trip, make sure you pack your own food or eat on the way up to finding your cabin. Always look beforehand.

“The Starving Spectre”
Illustrated by Raquel Kusiak

Maybe before going hiking in the woods, you should do the following. Research the area, even if you have to go deeper into the area. And finally it’s always good to have equipped a working compass.

“A Ritual of Sacrifice and Power”
Illustrated by Sammy Ward

Always know who your real friends are, otherwise don’t go wandering into a forest with them. You may not like what the ritual has in store for you.

Illustrated by Elena Gogou

Great twisting ending.

For a 32 page comic, this was a nice read. Some lettering could have had a second look over, because it seems some words weren’t accurately placed. Everyone else did a great job, but as mentioned above was really the only thing I found wrong with this comic. It’s a nice little horror anthology.

Everyone definitely had their own ways of drawing, whether they weren’t spot on or very well prepared, like crisp clear and smooth lines. It does it’s job and you’ll appreciate the whole comic nonetheless I guarantee that.

Learn more and Purchase Campfire Stories

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