Frank At Home On The Farm #4 – The Final Issue- now on Kickstarter!

The unique horror comic series featuring animal farm and world war situations, will be ending with the fourth and final issue. The fourth issue’s crowd funding campaign has just launched on the Kickstarter crowd funding platform and only 31 days remain to support it and get some cool rewards as a supporter.

The creators are: Jordan Thomas – the writer, Clark Bint – the artist & lettering by LetterSquids.


Frank has returned to his family’s farm to find something wrong. Very wrong.

FRANK AT HOME ON THE FARM tells the story of a man returning home from the frontline of World War 1 to find his family mysteriously missing from their farm. FRANK is an intense tale of horror and paranoia where nothing makes sense and everything that barks also bites.

About Issue #4:

Frank At Home On The Farm #4 is the giant-sized 36-page final chapter of our beautifully illustrated four-part miniseries. This issue brings our farm-based, horror epic to a close as all the questions are answered.

Combining the isolationist horror of The Shining with the body-horror of David Cronenberg and Jacob’s Ladder, the story twists and turns right the way to the end. With every flip of the page you’ll find yourself pulled further into Frank’s nightmare – imagine Guillermo Del Toro directing an adaption of Animal Farm

“I told you that barn was a fire trap, Frank. But did you listen?” Frank’s Mum, 1922

Excitingly, as part of this final issue the creators are also offering you the chance to own FRANK: THE MOVIE! Irish composer John Vallely has scored the whole of Frank’s story panel-by-panel. Just hit play, sit back and watch the comic unfold as the camera pans through the comic in time with the tailor made score.

John did a trial run of this, scoring a scene from issue 1, which you can watch on the Kickstarter page to get a feel for how it works.

3 Pages from Issue 1 Extended Preview found on the Kickstarter (More pages on the Issue 4 Kickstarter!):

Check out the Kickstarter page of the Issue 4 by clicking here! (Exclusive extended preview of the Issue 1 available on the page along with other info)

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Contact the creators:

Legacy/ Archive Page on Kickstarter.

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