Snow White Zombie Apocalypse Comic on Kickstarter

If you’re just encountering it now, Snow White Zombie Apocalypse (SWZA to the cool kids) is a comic series created by Brenton Lengel. The story began as a play and has enjoyed multiple productions and incarnations since its NYC debut as part of the 2009 Estrogenius Festival. The first issue, drawn by Dark Horse Comics alumnus Hyeondo Park and colored by Jio Butler, was published by Scout Comics to widespread audience and critical acclaim and was rated one of the top 50 indie comics of 2019.

Original cover art for issue #1 by Hyeondo Park

Now, Brent and artist Luana Vecchio (of Image Comics) are asking for your help to bring the NEXT chapter of Snow White Zombie Apocalypse to comic readers around the world.

Our goal is to deliver the second installment of this amazing story. Chapter 1 left us on a huge cliffhanger with a great big world that’s just waiting to be discovered! We’ve got new heroes, new villains, and heart-stopping monsters, along with some of the most stand-out, hard-hitting action sequences and gut-wrenching horror on the market today. There’s comedy, horror, romance, magic, and kung fu waiting around every twist and turn in Snow White’s forest. And all we need is enough support to create it and get it into your hands and comic shops nation wide!


There’s plenty of zombie and fairytale media out there, but you have never seen anything like Snow White Zombie Apocalypse. This isn’t just a survival/horror story – SWZA is an epic dark-fantasy romance that pulls as much from Bruce Lee and Joss Whedon as it does from J.R.R. Tolkien and George A. Romero.

Fight between the Big Bad (Granny) Wolf and Rapunzel from Issue #1, by Hyeondo Park (Sans dialogue)

“…it would be easy to go crazy and create a giant parody with gratuitous cartoonish violence but Lengel’s script shows surprising restraint and beauty. What stands out in these fight sequences is the fluidity of the moves, the choreography is stylized and devastatingly portrayed…They work in tandem with Lengel’s script to hit all the right notes in expressing the humor, the horror, and the action…”  – Spartantown

Full Color Sample page by Luana Vecchio

“Snow White Zombie Apocalypse is fresh meat for you horror fans out there! Gobble it up!” – Stefan Pokorny, Painter, Sculptor, & Dungeon Master, owner of Dwarven Forge.

Page from SWZA #1 (Sans dialogue)

You’ll want to read (and back) Snow White Zombie Apocalypse because this is a story unlike any other: Snow White awakens to True Love’s Kiss…twenty-eight days after the zombie apocalypse! With the seven dwarves dead, the quintessential fairy tale princess must join forces with her polyamorous Prince Charming and his tough-as-nails paramour, Rapunzel, to wage a losing battle against death itself. SWZA is a story of deep woods and old magic mixed with a healthy dollop of blood, sex, kung fu, and gender politics. Way more than zombies and fairy tales as usual.

Page from SWZA #1 (Sans dialogue)

“[Snow White Zombie Apocalypse] is a super fun book! It’s BRUTAL. The Walking Dead has nothing on this! This needs to be a movie. I need to see this in real life. Netflix, Amazon…something!” – Pete’s Basement

Page from SWZA#1 (Sans dialogue)

“A dystopian wonderland that’s bloody fun. ‘Snow White: Zombie Apocalypse’ #1 is a fantastic debut with clever writing and exciting art. It’s well-executed and never feels over-the-top or done for the sake of parody. It’s fun, exciting and well worth supporting; an indie on the rise!” – Spartantown

Snow White Zombie #2 is going to be full of all the same creative insanity that made issue #1 such a success, but this time we don’t just have zombified werewolves and shambling princesses – we’ve also got a badass Kyokushinkai woodsman, a (not-so-jolly) undead giant, the lich-like Blood-Covered King who is the animated corpse of Prince Charming’s father, and much, much more

Sample art by Luana Vecchio

“There’s an undercurrent of humor those familiar with the original stories will find funny. The plot moves forward at a rapid pace, and there’s a cliffhanger ending that makes me want more! The characters are all very enchanting, and easily understood by today’s standards. The art matches the intense plot. Great book full of surprises. It’s one of those fun/dangerous stories that readers today will enjoy, particularly if you are familiar with these stories. Awesome, funny, and risky.”  Wayne Hall,

Sample art by Luana Vecchio

“Snow White: Zombie Apocalypse takes so much of what we grew up with and skewers it… in numerous ways. [It’s] the comic you didn’t know you needed. If you like the idea of mashups or just zombie stories in general, this is one to check out.”  Brett SchenkerGraphic Policy

Character Concept Art by Luana Vecchio

“Lengel has mashed the world of fairy tales and horror into something amazing…Snow White Zombie Apocalypse is going places; whether it’s a yellow brick road or the road to hell, I’m on board for the ride.” – Nolan P. Smith, Pastrami Nation

Rapunzel vs. Woodsman, SWZA #2 by Luanna Vecchio

“A fantastically original post-modern mash up of undead monsters and fairytale characters that fizz with attitude to make this something really fresh and fun – even in the face of a flesh eating apocalypse!” – Pipe Dream Comics

Page from Snow White Zombie #1

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