Tales From Six Feet Under- Horror Film Spoiler Free Review!

 Without spoiling, we review the 45 minutes horror feature film called Tales from Six Feet Under which is set to release on Amazon Prime on April 15th, 2020!

Created by Nicholas Michael Jacobs, of NMJ Films who has also composed the music for it. He is popularly known for his work on Night (2018) debut short horror film, Urban Fears (2019) Horror Slasher Anthology set in urban atmosphere, and recently, for the Hellraiser fan film “Chatterer”(2020).

Official Plot outline:

Follow the Visitor as he walks through the graveyard and find out how these extremely unlucky people ended up six feet under.

Official Trailer:

Spoiler-Free Review:

  Nicholas Michael Jacobs and his team have previously created many unique horror films, and this one brings you interesting stories about how characters ended up six feet under, that is, how they died. From the days of Night, the debut horror film in 2018, the team has worked hard and continuously improved in terms of the quality and content of their horror films. The Urban Fears horror anthology from 2019 revolutionized the slasher horror by featuring stories set in the urban setting with different protagonists facing off different killers or demons. The recent Chatterer (2020) was a great fan film inspired by the Hellraiser horror film. Now, Tales From Six Feet Under, releasing on Amazon Prime Video on April 15th, 2020 is a horror comedy take on Tales From the Crypt.

  The stories focus on psychological horror, and are all connected by the fact that the people featured in them were once alive but now in the same graveyard six feet under. The best thing is the fact that “The Visitor” character from the poster which is supposed to be like the grim reaper doesn’t talk. It’s good because it would have made the narration weird, and boring. Instead of that, there’s an artistic approach of starting each story with The Visitor offering flowers to the grave of the person whose story is about to start. The stories are unique and have unpredictable endings. Haunted doll, Ouija Board, a message from a stranger, and a serial killer on the loose, are the horror subjects handled here. I like the fact that there is a good balance of horror and comedy. The film is very creepy, especially some parts where we anticipate the next outcome. The comedy is situational, and the good thing is that it doesn’t feel like the creators are trying too hard to make you laugh because the focus is indeed on horror with subtle comedy. The quality and quantity both are satisfying here. There’s a very dark twist in the end which you would never see coming. There are some Easter Eggs, and references to the classic horror films, and of course, Urban Fears horror anthology by Nicholas Michael Jacobs.

   The stories come to life because of the acting, and natural body language of the cast. Nicholas Michael Jacobs, the director of the film has acted well and helped the cast to give their best performance so far. The body language, and dialogue delivery of everyone is suitable for each story. His scenes involving the process of thinking, and some sudden surprises along with his change in personality due to the fight or flight situation show us many shades of his acting skills and creativity. Alexis Beacher has performed as good as her role in Urban Fears but here she feels even more natural and real maybe because the subject handled by her character is so common in all of our lives. I applaud her and Nicholas Michael Jacobs for including the story about the perils of strangers messaging us. It has shown the importance of protecting our privacy, and not trusting anyone who contacts us with an unknown number. Brian Jacobs, like from Urban Fears is again shown as the character who’s told to do something by his father, and by not listening, ends up in a scary situation. His genuinely innocent curiosity, then his startled movements feel believable. The Visitor acts as a great connector that has combined the stories of these unfortunate characters. Even without saying a single word, The Visitor character does a tremendous job for inducing anxiety, fear, and curiosity in the mind of the audience. The doll’s voice is creepy and doesn’t feel childish. The body language of the serial killer, and the Demon by Gianna Jacobs, are also fierce and scary.

   The cinematography is beautiful. I was skeptic about the film being in black and white but after 5 minutes into the film, I started loving the style as it clearly enhances the horror feel. You tend to focus on the emotions, the characters, the details of the scenes instead of colorful background or irrelevant details. That’s the beauty of black and white film. It’s especially suitable for horror as we all know that Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho 1 is still a classic. Then for comedy, there’s the example of Charlie Chaplin short films and feature films too. The direction is fluid and not rough. Every scene cuts into the other without having any abrupt ending. There are no fillers in this film. I liked some transitions having artistic approach, like how the passing of time is shown by the clouds moving in fast forward, and then the serial killer’s movements are shown from the killer’s perspective. The mobile phone’s messaging scenes are performed live with no cuts (Kudos to Alexis Beacher for being so accurate while typing), and the “Typing” dots are also shown in real time. The police notifications and a lot of things are being encouraged to be experienced along with the character from the film, instead of having the shot show the character look at the phone while speaking out loud what the message says. The music and score is beautiful and haunting. It is composed and edited well by Nicholas Michael Jacobs. There are different tones of music for different stories and scenarios which start or stop at the right time. Sometimes, even the silence increases the fear effect of some scenes where we know that something might happen.

  Overall, “Tales From Six Feet Under” is a brilliant feature film by NMJ Films that shows some unique horror stories handling familiar horror topics but with unexpected twists to them. There are some moral lessons and like Night movie, there’s a subtle message about using the mobile phone wisely. The stories keep you invested, the music thrills you and the acting makes you feel attached to the characters. Without doubt, this is a Feature Film that is a must watch for any horror fan who loves horror stories, and especially the Tales from the Crypt.

Hitting Amazon Prime Video on April 15th, 2020, this is a horror film that you wouldn’t want to miss.

Cast and Crew:

Starring: Nicholas Michael Jacobs, Gianna Jacobs, Alexis Beacher, Brian Jacobs Directed by: Nicholas Michael Jacobs Written by: Nicholas Michael Jacobs Produced by: Alexis Beacher, Nicholas Michael Jacobs Music by: Nicholas Michael Jacobs Cinematography by: Alexis Beacher, Nicholas Michael Jacobs Full Cast and Crew List on IMDb

Official IMDb of the feature

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