Spoiler-Free Horror Comic Review: John Carpenter Presents Storm Kids Monica Bleue A Werewolf Story Issue #4

Without spoiling, we review, Storm Kids Monica Bleue: A werewolf Story issue 4.

Released on March 11th, 2020. A werewolf themed Storm King brand horror comic presented by John Carpenter and follows the tale of a teenage Monica whose life changes after she confronts a werewolf in the woods. She and her father is now on a mission to chase down and stop the werewolf. The fourth issue focuses on what happens afterwards.

Writer: Niles, Steve, Artist: Worm, Damien,
Cover Artist: Worm, Damien. Series created by Sandy King and John Carpenter.


Monica’s powers of detection take them deep within the city, but tracking a savage killer puts her and her father into terrible danger. Do they have the ability to fight such a monster on their own?


Spoiler-Free Review:

Monica Bleue, a horror comic about a girl called Monica and her father discovering that a wild werewolf is in the small town where they had planned to start a quiet new life. Initially having trouble getting along, now, Monica and her father are like a team that’s trying to search and stop the werewolf from causing any more harm to the farms around the town. In their pursuit of the rabid werewolf, they end up in the city area, and that’s where the Issue #4 starts.

   We see Monica and her father roaming the streets in search of the werewolf. During the search, Monica goes way ahead of her father and thus, they both get separated. Monica ends up following a person whom she suspects is the werewolf, and what happens afterwards really changes the base story and assumptions the reader had since the issue #1. That’s the best part of this issue’s story and events. The entire comic takes place in the city, and shows us the busy streets of the city. It’s a nice change of place, and helps make the Issue #4 stand out from the other issues. The story of city is completed in this issue in a satisfactory manner, and the story provides plenty of surprises in the end. While answering some important questions, this issue creates some more questions that make you excited for the next issue, which is the 5th and final issue of Monica Bleue.

   The art style, and illustrations are consistent to the former issues and have a distinct feel to them throughout the issue #4. The comic has a refined, and polished feel to it like the former ones, and there is a use of vibrant colors to keep the reader engaged. Despite the city setting, it feels as beautiful as the woods and town setting as seen in the former issues. The dialogues are few but effective in keeping the story going forward without wasting the time of the reader with fillers. There is less gore, and blood but a good amount of action, and thrills to keep you on the edge. The horror comic focuses on the psychological horror of pursuit and sudden surprises.

  Overall, filled with action, thrills, and engaging story, Monica Blue issue #4 builds up on the successful story telling of the former issues and gives the horror comic franchise a new direction. The characters are brave and lovable. The story, and sequences feel as intriguing as a mystery novel. The effect of psychological horror is very high with the twists making the reader surprised as the comic ends. While the issue #4 can act as a standalone story of a girl and her father chasing a werewolf suspect, reading the former issues will give you the much needed background story of the characters which will enhance your reading experience.  It will be very interesting to see how the comic concludes in the issue #5 as this issue definitely makes you love the series more, and look forward to the answers of many unanswered questions about the werewolf troubling the small town where Monica and her father lives. While it’s a must read for any horror or werewolf fan, this issue will also be loved by the mystery detective novel fans as well. A great addition to the Monica Bleue horror comic series worth checking out.

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