Horror Comic Review: Zombies We Are Human Too Volume 2 – A Graphic Novel About Zombie Stories!

A 100pg Graphic Novel that tells Zombie stories BEFORE and HOW they became zombies. It’s a completely new take on the Zombie Genre!

Without spoiling, we review the 100 paged graphic novel called “Zombies We Are Human Too” Volume 2 by Austin Janowsky with contributions by many creators and now on the Kickstarter crowd funding platform with less than 5 days left to support it. We tell you why it’s so unique and why it’s as great as the volume 1. A unique never before seen empathetic take on zombie victims and infection.


Originally to showcase Charles Casey, Sonya Thompson, and Larry Mainland of The Walking Dead TV Show, the story has morphed and is now about.  

Three kids foraging for food who get spooked by zombies and chased into an abandoned  warehouse. The youngest of the three is terrified, so to calm him down, the older two kids start picking out zombies they see and make up funny stories about them: Who they were, how long they lasted and how they died in a funny way. This is a completely new spin on the zombie genera.

In the Volume 2, the kids decided to try and escape by leaving the building via crossing from roof to roof using a ladder. From there they try to make their way down and out to safety but are swarmed again and forced into the storage cellar that has been made into a safe room. So instead of a open room they are now trapped in a “safe room. As Juan is back in a panic, they once again try and calm him down with more stories about zombies. However the question on everybody’s mind is… who’s safe house is this and are they coming back for it?

Full list of creators:

Austin Janowsky, Mauricio Campetella, Juan Chua, Zakk Saam, Joe Davison, John Grosjean, Garrett Gunn, Stan Yak, Anthony Zicari, Matthew Kaiser, Adam Fields, Jamie Norman, Dan Brown, Phillip Charles, Amin Amat, John Crowther, Shaun Piela, Carl Bernardo

Spoiler-Free Review:

Zombies We Are Human Too Volume 1 set the foundation for the main story of the 3 kids looking for food and shelter amid the zombie apocalypse. Their story takes them to a building and while trapped, the youngest one’s stress and anxiety is relieved by the stories of how the zombies became zombies, which often had a funny side to them. Zombies We Are Human Too Volume 2, like the first Volume is a 100 paged graphic novel. It continues the pattern of showing the kids struggling with the zombie hordes but this time there’s a suspense arc to the story as the shelter they found in this volume seems to be in a good condition and full of supplies which make them wonder whether the people living there will return. While they wait for the hordes to go away, and possibly other survivors returning to the current shelter, the zombie origin stories continue and they are as amusing as seen in Volume 1.

  The action and horror in the main story of 3 kids is also a focus here, as it is no longer just a medium to tell the zombie origin stories. There’s always a thought at the back of your mind that what will happen to these three lovable characters as they wait and share the zombie stories with each other , and in turn, with the reader. The zombie origin stories, like in the volume 1, are full of different characters and all in black and white to distinguish the origin stories from the main story of the 3 kids. The stories, written and illustrated by different artists are like mini movies within the main story. The subjects handled are like the result of being greedy, careless and not thinking rationally during the zombie apocalypse. The stories sometimes show us how even a small mistake can be fatal during an emergency like zombie apocalypse. All of the stories have a good balance of horror and humor in them.

  Like the Volume 1, this volume also takes the revolutionary idea of telling the zombie origin stories to the next level. We see the stories that are funny, sad, and sometimes an example of how carelessness can be fatal. The idea of telling the zombie’s story before becoming a zombie is an innovative idea that’s less explored in the zombie genre. The stories from Volume 1 explored many aspects of the zombie apocalypse, like how it could have started, what mistakes caused it, and what will happen If there is no human left after the zombie apocalypse. Volume 2 also explores the struggles of living in a world affected by zombie apocalypse, and also tells us some scary stories of zombie infection cases.

  The illustrations of the main story as well as the mini stories are of high quality. The main story is colorful, and has a good amount of blood and gore in it. The mini stories, despite being in black and white, impact you enough to make you scared and laugh at the right time. The dialogues, like in the volume 1, are short and only there if necessary. The humans, zombies, buildings, and environment- all such objects are drawn to suit the story. There’s even one mini story featuring cartoony faces and the comedy is emphasized in them. Even in that story, the zombie featured is creepy to look at despite being cartoony. That’s the effect of well implemented creative illustrations.

Overall, “Zombies We Are Human Too Volume 2” lives up to the hype set by the Volume 1. The three characters from the main story are lovable and now have more pages featuring the action and survival of their present story. The zombie origin stories are also aplenty and have ample variety to them. The stories make you laugh, afraid, and sometimes sad as you get to know how some of the characters ended up becoming zombies despite their survival skills, strength and will to survive. It shows us that the life is unpredictable and should be appreciated every day. A horror fan will find a lot to love about this 100 paged graphic novel, which packs a lot of content for the given price. You can clearly see the passion of the creators in each page of the graphic novel as the characters are made alive by the illustrations, and dialogues that tell you zombie origin stories that will leave a long lasting impact, and memory on your mind.

Now on the Kickstarter crowd funding platform with less than 5 days left to get funded, this is a project that deserves your love and support for the revolutionary concept of zombie origin stories!

Please click here to check out the official Kickstarter page of VOLUME 2 to get your copy and many other rewards as a supporter! (Less than 5 days left to support!!)

About Volume 2 Kickstarter:

About the Creator:

Austin Janowsky is a Actor/Screenwriter/Director, Professional Comicbook Artist and retired Creative Director. Austin Janowsky is celebrating working professionally in the comicbook industry for 25 years! Marvel Comics, IDW, Dynamite Entertainment, Image Comics, Devils Due/First Comics, Space Goat, Alias and others! Presently he created Zombie’s We’re Human Too as a 100pg Graphic Novel. As an actor, he has been lucky to be feature films that will be shown on Netflix: 45 Seconds and Three Black Men and a Jew Walk Into A Bar and also Dan Myrick’s new TV series “Black Veil”.

Read the Review of Volume 1: Horror Comic Review: Zombies We Are Human Too Volume 1 – A Unique Graphic Novel About Zombie Stories!

Creator, Austin R. Janowsky’s Twitter

Creator, Austin R. Janowsky’s FaceBook Page.

Kickstarter Page of VOLUME 2 (Few days left to support)

Kickstarter Legacy Page of Volume 1

IndieGoGo Archive Page of Volume 1

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