“Snow White Zombie: Apocalypse #1” Horror Comic Review

Snow White awakens to True Love’s Kiss… twenty-eight days after the zombie apocalypse! With the Seven Dwarves dead, the quintessential fairy tale princess must join forces with her polyamorous Prince Charming and his tough-as-nails paramour, Rapunzel, to wage a losing battle against death itself. Bound by love and driven apart by jealousy, can this unlikely trio find a way to put aside their differences, or will they be devoured by the reanimated denizens of their once enchanted kingdom? Based on the hit play by the same name, Snow White Zombie Apocalypse is a story of deep woods and old magic mixed with a healthy dollop of blood, sex, kung-fu and gender politics. Y’know, fairy tales as usual.

It’s a Grim take on the fairy tale universe  with a twenty 28 days later feel to it with some twists included within the pages of this bloody good time we have Red riding hood, big bad wolf, Granny, snow white and her seven undead dwarves, Prince charming, Rapunzel and Sleeping beauty.

Snow White Zombie Apocalypse issue #1 the artwork and the concept drew me in immediately . The Colors are so beautiful, the gore itself jumped off the pages at you drawing you into this grim world. With all the action and the story line  I honestly couldn’t stop reading, I look forward to reading issue #2 and so on when it becomes available. This comic seems like a bloody good time and it’s genius really. For those of us that enjoy fairy tales with a horror twist. I highly Recommend this series.

I have to say when Paul showed me this comic on kickstarter I was definitely intrigued wanted to read into it, learn more about it. I’ll pop the link in this review so you can go check out yourselves https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/brentonlengel/snow-white-zombie-apocalypse?ref=thanks-share


Brenton Lengel the writer of Snow white Zombie Apocalypse  has a kickstarter going . Which the goals for issues 1 and 2 have already been surpassed with an original goal of $6,700 now has successfully raised $9,704 with still 8 days left to go! 280 people already back this project if that doesn’t say check it out I don’t know what will.


If you’d like to hear more about Snow White Zombie Apocalypse check out the Interview that Stacy Cox did with the Creator Brenton Lengel. If you find this article after the Kickstarter Campaign is over you always visit Scout Comics (link below) to purchase your copies.

Purchase from Publisher Scout Comics

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