“Graveyard Slaughter” – Comic Review

Lunchbox Press proudly presents Graveyard Slaughter.

Lunchbox Press invites you back to those video stores of old. This collection of four horror epics is written by Cullen Bunn and Kevin Watkins. The stories are illustrated by a host of amazing talent, including Javier Saltares, Blacky Shepherd, Gary Bedell, and Adam McLaughlin.

We are also pleased to have award-winning and best-selling author, Paul Tremblay, providing an introduction to our premiere issue.

The stories in this comic harken back to the dark, bloody, subversive horror yarns that sat in clamshell boxes on video stores shelves across the country. They’re gruesome and gory and fun horror tales, and we’re all psyched to be part of the book.

Once funded…we plan on delivering you the book by Halloween 2019.

Be kind. Rewind.

Or die.

Without spoiling, I’ll be giving a brief description of each four tales within this new series. Featuring Cullen Bunn, Kevin Watkins, Javier Saltares, Blacky Shepherd, Gary Bedell, Adam Mclaughlin, Troy Peteri and Paul Tremblay.

A nice little Prologue starts off, a father who is searching for his son who has ran off into the video store. But what happens when you try gripping your child to hard?

Barbaric Days is the first tale that starts off this back and white throwback of video rental shops. And it’s a game that you wouldn’t dare want to play, if only that stranger didn’t give you his card.

At a Local Video Shop two guys are talking about what they’ve watched recently, however what is the story with the girl?

Truth Or Dare is something you best might want to stay awake from. Even after a big Halloween party, because you just don’t know what kind of dare you’ll get.

At a local video store the clerk is getting annoyed of people not rewinding their rental tapes. I mean, we wouldn’t want to know where you last were when being naughty right?

Kill With One Eye Open is the best title for a slasher, but this isn’t any ordinary tale. Maybe some nights are better off not fully understanding.

Video Hell reintroduces this girl, slamming money onto the counter for her rental. Even the clerk was talking about his favorite scenes from Nightmare on Elm Street.

Cheating is the final tale within this first issue of Graveyard Slaughter. When playing a very strict game you’ve never played before in some isolated area. It’d be better if you followed the rules, otherwise… Whelp the title says it all.

Overall, these stories and stories within these are very nostalgic. I miss being able to go to your local shop and rent, and I don’t mean to a Redbox or whatever kind of Streaming service platform either. It’s more sad nowadays as new children are born and grow up, nobody will know what a Blockbuster or Video World (two rental stores I had) was. At least as time went on, VHS’s turned into DVD’s where you didn’t have to worry about rewinding. Because some shops actually did charge when a tape wasn’t rewound.

The black and white artwork was very thin and thick layered, it would have been cool to see this tales in color. But when you’re trying to give a 1980 feel, or a past time to go and play video arcade games. It’d be best and simplest to just do one (two) color(s), depends on how you would see black and white. Hopefully we get to see more nostalgic tales from Graveyard Slaughter.

“Graveyard Slaughter is full of nostalgic childhood memories.”

The stories themselves, very well written. Some had a few twists and nods to classic titles. While like Babaric Days felt a little bit noticeable of what was going to happen, however it didn’t stop me from enjoying it nonetheless, if I had to pick a favorite tale from the four given. I’d put it on Kill With One Eye Open, I definitely loved the little twist. If Babaric Days doesn’t say I felt was the weakest little story, then I don’t know what else more to say. Keep an eye open for more titles from Lunchbox in the future is all that is left to say.


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