Horror Comic Review: Afterlight Comics’ Folktales Of The Cryptids VOL. 2

Without spoiling, we review, Folktales of the Cryptids Vol. 2, by Afterlight Comics, A collection of four Horror tales each based on a mythical creature. Featuring The Ratman of Southend, Jenny Greenteeth & more…

Official Information by the creators:

You’ve heard of the Loch Ness Monster, Big foot, these are Cryptids. A Cryptid is an animal which are not commonly believed to exist but actually may.

FolkTales Of The Cryptids [36 pages] is a perfect-bound standalone collection of 4 short horror tales, each darker than the last based on a Cryptid. 

Volume 1 was launched on Kickstarter in 2018 and was such a big hit with readers & critics, that we’re back with a brand new collection of horror tales for Volume 2.

 Cryptids featured in Volume 2;

  • Jenny Greenteeth
  • The Ratman Of Southend
  • The Popobawa 
  • The Loveland Frogmen

Spoiler-Free Review:

  Afterlight Comics are famous for the gripping narration, memorable characters, and beautifully creepy illustrations. This horror comic is no different. The Folktales of the Cryptids, as the name indicates, is an anthology of stories that relate to the real life horror folktales about paranormal creatures from different places. Successfully funded on the Kickstarter crowd funding platform, the Volume 2 continues the trend of telling intriguing horror tales filled with creepy visuals that make you feel the terror, and the thrilling stories that keep you on the edge of your seat.

In the 36 paged fully colored horror comic, there are four horror stories long enough to satisfy you and then there are some bonus pages telling you details of the creatures that are featured in the folktales. Without spoiling the plot, let me give you a brief information of each story from the anthology. The story featuring The Ratman, was sad, and reminded me of Joker (2019) film and A Plague Tale Innocence game. The impact of the surprise horror is very high in the story, especially after the reader feels empathy when the story starts. There’s a story about the lake creature called Jenny Greenteeth that drowns people when nearby. The same creepy creature is on the cover art of this horror comic. The ending really creeps you out as you do feel the chills thinking about the fact that it might still be there in the lake. The story of a giant bat was like a Wild West tale, with a satisfying ending about justice. There’s a very nice story about the issue of bullying included in the comic, how it is bad and why kindness is appreciated. We also meet creepy mutated frogs that are scary and yet you’ll love the scene when it occurs in the comic. I love the fact that small details are shown in the story that connect dots and help to create an unforgettable climax of each story.

The stories start with normal circumstances, with troubled people, and a variety of settings. The stories are often the origin stories of some creepy monsters or the habits of them with the links to the story being narrated. I like the fact that sometimes, the monster is shown in the end of the story along with the motive of the protagonist. It adds mystery throughout the time you are reading the story but as you are near the end, you feel amazed and surprised by some facts revealed in the climax.

The illustrations are very realistic, and when needed, has some creativity to them. Each story having different type of art style, dialogue fonts, and color tone to make each story feel like a story from a different place, or time period. The violence and gore content is enough to make you feel afraid, then there are some adult jokes but no nudity or suggestive content. The stories are mature, sometimes featuring kids too but handled very well.

Overall, the successful and famous horror comic brand, Afterlight Comics has once again created an entertaining, scary, and informative horror comic featuring anthology of four folktales about creatures that come to life through the pages of this comic. With lovable characters, narration competing even films, and illustrations that are nothing short of art, the Folktales of the Cryptids Volume 2 is a must have for anyone interested in paranormal creatures, and those who appreciate good storytelling filled with thrills.

Sample Pages from the Kickstarter Legacy / Archive Page:


Purchase Comic:

AfterLight Comics


We are an Independent British Comics Publisher based in Liverpool, England. Established by Writer/Founder Joseph Oliveira in 2017.



For retailer inquiries, please email: joeyafterlight@gmail.com
For customer inquiries, please email: joeyafterlight@gmail.com

 AfterLight Comics is an Independent Horror Comics Publisher based in Liverpool, England. Established by Writer/Founder Joseph Oliveira in 2017.

Our stories are dark in its themes and revolve around building spine-tingling tension and atmosphere throughout our stories.

All 11 of our previous titles have been funded & fulfilled via Kickstarter to date.

Our Review of the Vol. 1 : “Folktales of the Cryptids Vol. 1” – Comic Review [UPDATED]

Kickstarter Legacy/ archive page

Afterlight Comics FaceBook Page

Afterlight Comics Twitter Page

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