“Case 347” – Found Footage Review

Synopsis: Psychologist and UFO skeptic Dr. Mia Jansen joins forces with two documentary filmmakers who set out to prove alien abduction claims are a form of “mass hysteria”, but during their research, unexplainable events begin and the entire crew goes missing.

It seems to always be an issue with some when it comes to this sort of topic, UFO conspiracies mixed with encounters by “crazy people” can go south rather quickly. It just differs of the conversation from whomever you’re discussing it with, but as the years have gone, people aren’t what they used to be when talking about this matter. Others kept to themselves of their stories for the fear of being ridiculed. However, when specific names are mentioned that others know or knew. They relax more and tell their stories of what they’ve encountered.

Case 347 is what basically I mentioned above, we see three people try to uncover what is going on and get to the bottom of it. Looking for articles, photos, their own view of a smoky ring in the sky. As they try to debunk it as fire smoke from fireworks.

Mia, who lost her father from delving into the UFO universe. Could it have been from Men In Black? It’s not certain, but we get the idea that someone or something wanted her father gone because he knew too much. Meanwhile as they delve deeper, they to start having their own experiences.

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As the film draws near the end, it really doesn’t feel like you watched 85 minutes of a found footage film. There is a nice nod to the finale and hopefully leaves the viewers intrigued to do their own research of what they to have mentioned. Or possibly you have your own stories to share? Like myself, did I possibly see my own UFO back in the daytime of my job doing traffic control in the middle of nowhere after a hurricane happened. Where it flooded a little town by a small river that no one was prepared for the worst to come? As it stayed in the sky, not moving until I physically pointed it out to my partner. I guess we’ll never know.

In conclusion, Case 347 displays the many aspects of what “could be” with all sorts of conspiracies. Whether they tie in or not it’s just part of the “what if’s”. Without going into the theories they talked about because of the potential spoilers. Which I knew some of the topics, however one category doesn’t feel right in the UFO world. But then again it could  very well be a puzzle piece to the ever growing mystery. Maybe the world isn’t ready to know the full truth of what is really out there, look at the world today. We aren’t prepared.

The effects were nicely timed, and when you finally see a glimpse it’s not overpowering to the point of having “too much” CGI. If it was even, but feels like there is a small amount. Found footage is a hit or miss with an audience, and I feel that Case 347 does a good job of not losing viewers attention after so long or boring scenes.



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