“Midnight Sky #4” – Comic Review

(W) James Pruett (A/CA) Scott Van Domelen (C) Ilaria Fella

After discovering the Changelings’ plans for human children, Jennifer, Elita, and Alejandro find themselves on the run from their hunters who are attempting to eliminate Elita as a threat, as her reputation continues to inspire the desperate humans. While attempting to avoid detection by following the remnants of antiquated airmail beacons and fire watch towers, the crew find themselves in the middle of a hijacking of a MassiveMart supply train, the only remaining economic powerhouse in the region, full of rare supplies on its way to the wealthy class that are working in conjunction with the invading horde. Will these marauders become allies or another threat?

Hector, Alejandro and Elita cousin. The one who helped their mother take care of Jacob’s body. We learn a little more of what is going on within the world around them. Which if you have gathered what kind of creatures these are by now, if not you could say Midnight Sky has changelings. Think of watching those famous movies and stories about creatures taking the original person and swapping out their identity, bringing those to their world and them to our world.

But before that, the train they have taken out. Locked up with coffee and well.. Armed forces that have captured children as cargo. At this point in time, might as well put the past behind their backs while once again defending themselves against these heavy geared up soldiers. We learn more about Elita as her power is triggered by a little drop of blood, slicing her arm to protect her brother and family. Elita wipes out the threat, leaving nothing alive except one guard who can’t stand and bunch of captured kids heading toward Orlando, but for what? Possibly to seek out more of what Elita is.

As they figure out to their next move is, while needing to get out of the area again due to a possible distress call. It seems whomever has been watching is one big ass changeling. Because now, Elita is considered an Alpha of what she is. Which makes the rest of her family and now cousin and partner a high risk threat to be killed or captured.

Clearly this isn’t the end of Midnight Sky. However it took four issues to really get to the juicy bits of the universe. And it’s quite interesting that the Free Comic Book Day Issue #0 isn’t present at all during this series. But a taste of possibly yet to come? Hopefully now, Midnight Sky will start being more than what is offered, their good don’t get me wrong. But I feel like four issues to really get the sense of things, while jumping between flashbacks and present days. It could have said more, now we have to wait for the next installments to help further the stories that James Pruett is creating.

Midnight Sky acts like it’s a TV show wrapping up it’s first Season.



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