Fan made Silent Hill VR Horror Game Trailer will make you excited for a game that may never exist!

A YouTuber & VFX artist, David a.k.a. “Hoolopee” has created one of the best and immersive Silent Hill trailers you will ever see.

The video description says:

Non-playable concept trailer for a potential Silent Hill 2 re-imagining in VR! I tried to demonstrate how the atmosphere, combat and puzzle-solving of Silent Hill would translate to VR. This all runs almost at real-time in blender, but nothing’s playable. A lot of assets are ripped straight from Silent Hill 2 to save production time. It’s incredible how well some of these hold up nearly 20 years later.

Watch the trailer here:

Behind the Scenes:

My thoughts:

The latest fan trailer shows off re-imagination of Silent Hill 2 as a VR (Virtual Reality) horror game, all with the cutscenes like James’ mirror intro also playing in the VR. It is so well made that it feels like an official AAA game trailer. The horror, panic and details of some scenes like Pyramid Head chasing you is still effective in the VR. The comments on that YouTube video and maybe the thoughts in your mind after watching it, are the most sad and scary as the trailer gets you hyped for a product that will never exist, unless Konami changes its mind about Silent Hill series, and a fan made game is out of question as Konami is infamous for shutting down fan projects and still not making their own remakes unlike Capcom’s story of Resident Evil 2 (2019).

  A similar sad but funny story is of Valve’s fear of number 3 and their much desired Half Life 3. They made Half Life: Alyx instead of Half Life 3 and released it in 2020, which is not Half Life 3 but it’s still pretty impressive and liked by (most) fans. In a similar way, Konami could learn from Valve and make a VR Silent Hill game, and see how it goes before investing more resources in a mainstream game like the cancelled Silent Hills (PT).

 A case of a successful mainstream horror game that became equally successful VR horror game is of Capcom’s Resident Evil 7. It was in development before the PT was showcased, and thus, it had first person view since the project started but the PT’s praise gave Capcom the confidence to go ahead with the perspective and dark, grim tone with confined house theme of Resident Evil 7.

Resident Evil 7 VR reactions

 While a complete remake of Silent Hill 1-4 would be a right way of doing it, just like how Capcom remade Resident Evil 2 and 3, Konami’s initial fears of the future of console gaming might not allow them to get back into making any games other than PES. Konami can nevertheless test the waters with a VR Silent Hill and maybe find their way into the mainstream horror gaming once again.

 Nevertheless, I must thank the extremely talented fan who created this beautiful trailer that made me smile and my heart ache, as I witnessed my beloved Silent Hill 2 in its full glory through James Sunderland’s eyes.

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