Horror Book Review: The Haunting of Bloodmoon House by Jeff DeGordick

When the blood moon rises, death follows…

Without spoiling, we review a Horror Novel by Jeff DeGordick called “The Haunting of Bloodmoon House” which is a 312 paged book filled with thrills, horror, friendship and lovable characters.

Official Synopsis:

Twelve years ago, a blood moon swept over the old Dover Estate, an abandoned mansion with a grisly history. Jess’s uncle brings her there to witness the celestial event, but things go wrong when he wanders inside the abode and returns bleeding and panicked. Fleeing into the woods, he’s later found killed under mysterious circumstances, leaving young Jess traumatized.

Now she’s all grown up, celebrating her eighteenth birthday and the start of a new life at college. The nightmares she suffered at the infamous “Bloodmoon House” are behind her, and she’s tried her best to forget them.

But some nightmares don’t stay dead.

When they see a report on the news about a new blood moon passing over the Dover Estate, her friends suggest they spend the night there so she can face her fears and get over her trauma. They insist that the house is empty, and all the rumors about ghosts lurking in its halls are mere fantasy. But when they arrive, their plans quickly unravel, and Jess discovers that the same evil that claimed her uncle may have been waiting for her all along…

Spoiler-Free Review:

Jeff DeGordick’s novels are cinematic and full of twists and turns. This horror novel called, “Haunting of the Bloodmoon House” is one of such horror novels that deserves your attention. This 312 paged horror novel is filled with a lot of content that can rival a horror movie. Light on gore, no swear words, and no nudity or suggestive situations, this horror novel is well suited for readers of all ages but definitely not for children who can’t handle horror or occult.

  The story starts with the main protagonist Jessica or Jess’ traumatic childhood memory that leaves an impact on her personality even as she turns 18. Fast forwarding to the present time, we are introduced to her high school friends, Tyler and Ashley, who have become almost like her family now as they are going to enter the college life after passing the high school. Buddy her faithful dog also becomes a prominent personality through the author’s detailed writing style. It’s Jess’ 18th birthday and everyone plans to do something special for the day, that’s when coincidently, the news on the TV starts to tell about the Blood Moon (Once in a few years Lunar Eclipse) happening soon. Jess’ childhood memory is associated with the last Blood Moon and a mysterious house in the town. Tyler expresses interest in spending the night at the haunted house to help Jess overcome her fears and it will be a thrilling experience for all. This is when the real fun begins….

  The Dover house now known as the “Bloodmoon House” is on top of a hill overlooking the town, and is surrounded by a thick forest. For many decades, the house has been empty and reported to be haunted since a mass murder happened there. The Blood Moon is said to make the otherworldly spirits strong and thus, the house becoming a hotspot for all the hauntings for the night. Despite this threat, our protagonists decide to spend a night there as Tyler, who’s skeptic of ghosts, wants to help Jess overcome her fears. They meet an interesting guy called, Simon, who warns them of not going to the house but not heeding to the warning, they go to the house anyway. Their discovery and survival is the main plot of the novel but there are many subplots and discoveries that will make you feel amazed.

  Lots of interesting things happen in the house, but in unexpected ways. The story never becomes too serious as our protagonists are not professional ghost investigators but they are not too naïve either. The situations, dialogues or the decisions never make you feel angry about the protagonists as whatever they do makes senses and is probably the only possible thing to do. Only a few situations would make you think that it’s not the best thing, but as the story progresses, even those situations start making sense. Every character is given enough attention, and thus, we can almost feel their personality forming in our mind. There is a nice chemistry between all of the characters which makes the story progress seem rather smooth and fun.

 The narration and writing is beautiful. It’s very descriptive and helps you to visualize the situations due to the amount of details in every paragraph. The novel is so well written that any skilled director can create a movie or a web series out of it with a proper planning, screenplay and resources. Emotions, environment, weather, movements, thoughts, fear, events, etc. all are described so that there are no doubts or confusion about the situations in the mind of the reader. There are many references to real life things of Vermont state of the US, a University, a book, and of course, the astronomical phenomenon of Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse. Some people might feel that some situations are over-dramatized or over-extended but aren’t we all thinking of extreme things and having a storm of thoughts within our minds when we are in danger or scared? That’s what the author is trying to convey here. In fact, some situations feel like they are happening right in front of us because of the well described small details of what is happening. In order to present all the details and help the reader to visualize the situations, there has to be a lot of explanation.

Overall, the 312 paged horror novel has a lot of good content that will keep any reader glued to the seat, and for horror fans, it’s an entertaining and thrilling novel that is very unique as it’s a mixture of horror, thriller, ghost hunting, murder mystery, and occult. It is a light hearted novel as our protagonists and their dog are fresh off the high school and are full of energy. It makes for a fun read as the characters are so likeable. There are some moral lessons in the story too, and some reminders as well, like why we need to fully charge our phones before going out or the serious plot message of how a childhood memory can traumatize a person for the entire life, and affect the personality forever. Filled with many thrills, exciting situations, likeable characters, an adorable dog, and a gripping horror story that ends with a satisfying ending, this horror novel is definitely a must read for anyone who appreciates an entertaining horror novel.

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About Blood Moon:

A “blood moon” happens when Earth’s moon is in a total lunar eclipse. While it has no special astronomical significance, the view in the sky is striking as the usually whiteish moon becomes red or ruddy-brown. The last blood moon on Jan. 20-21, 2019 coincided with a supermoon and the Full Wolf Moon, earning it the title “Super Blood Wolf Moon.”

When is the next blood moon?

The total lunar eclipse on Jan. 20-21, 2019 was the blood moon until 2021. There are several partial and penumbral lunar eclipses coming up before then, though. Those eclipses won’t make the moon appear red, but they’re still worth checking out! NASA has a list of all the lunar eclipses until 2100.

Here’s a list of all the “blood moons” coming up in the next 10 years and the locations where they will be visible:

  • May 26, 2021: North America, South America, Asia, Australia and the Pacific.
  • May 16, 2022: North America, South America, Europe and Africa 

Read more at: Space.com (Source of the above real life Blood Moon info)

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