GHOST OF TOMORROW Needs Your Help on Kickstarter

Ghost of Tomorrow is a first person time traveling horror game, created by one person (Edd Lioni) with music by Micah Peacock.

Story: It is the day of August 23, 2019 and you arrive at your apartment. Suddenly strange events that possess a paranormal nature begin to occur. These paranormal events seem to transcend the boundaries of both space and time as these events may give you a glimpse of what is yet to happen in the future. Experience these paranormal events and see what tomorrow holds.

So Why Ghost Of Tomorrow Needs Our Help?

“Hello, I am Edd Lioni and I  am the creator of the indie horror game  Ghost Of Tomorrow. I have developed an alpha version that is  available on itchio:  Ghost of Tomorrow is an psychological-horror sci-fi game, where a  time-traveling paranormal adventure unfolds. The goal of this kickstarter is to get the game on steam which I must pay $100 upfront to do so. Any additional payment I get will go for the development of the game!” via Kickstarter.

And that’s really it, you can simply pledge on three tiers for as little as $1 to as a gratitude thanks, or go full in with $10 to get a copy of GOT (Steam) and your name in the credits. Currently the campaign is at $76 / $100 and anything pass the goal will go into the development of the game itself.

Ghost Of Tomorrow Links

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