“COUGH, COUGH, ZED” is Looking For Kickstarter Help

Cough Cough Zed is a post-apocalyptic survival game that blends action, rpg, and strategy elements that can be modded. Players will have to manage their own inventories and explore an open-world environment while fighting off the living dead and other survivors.

Created by North State Games on GameMaker Studio 2. However the only thing I don’t see why they’re raising $1,000 for the game, however under their Risks and challenges I quote “The biggest risk will be simply fleshing out the game world. The basic gameplay is already available and a small sample world has been created.”

But check it out nonetheless if it’s something that speaks to you.

Will you go it alone in a dangerous world or attempt to enlist the help of other survivors? Some of the remnants of society will be willing to band together but others will view you as a threat. Help manage survival camps and attack other marauders as they threaten you, all while fending off the living-dead. Who will be more of a threat, the living or undead?

The game will be moddable, with an easily accessible .txt file that can allow for inventories tweaks, changing the way zombies behave, and so forth.


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