“Man Of Sin” – a Graphic Novel Review

Torment follows a grieving father as he searches for the truth about his dead son.

Man Of Sin was Written by Andrew Guilde, Illustrated by Camilo Ponce and Lettered by Weston Design Studio. The project first launched on May 9th 2019, and was successfully funded with 167 backers pledging $4,959 on June 8th 2019. The purpose of the crowdfund was to bring all four issues of Man Of Sin into one Graphic Novel.

I’m going to start this review off by saying. I never heard of this indie comic until people I follow on Kickstarter backed the project that Andrew launched, from there it seemed every few days I would see “Man of Sin” come through my emails/notifications that I decided to have a glance myself. Right away the artwork by Camilo Ponce grabbed my attention, I love the watercolor effect feel, just like from the other comic known as Amelia Sky. But now, let’s take a look at what we have in store right here.

It’s really interesting whether it’s real life or fictional characters, when trying to portray crazy people. Hearing, seeing things normal people who have “investigated” the same evidence before. Our main protagonist swears whomever took his son, knows exactly who they are. Depression sets in, suicide seems to be the option for failing your family. When really you’ll be adding to the problem even worse just by taking your own life. However Mr. Lived can help him in his time of need, all he has to do is stay alive for twenty four hours. From there, Mr. Lived promises to bring him to whom took his son.

It’s a game of who and who cannot be trusted, and that falls in place at the hospital it seems. Especially when a nurse tries to take him out, after sending in what could have ended more horribly than what did. Even now, can this Reverend Benjamin be trusted? It’s a game of cat and mouse, mixed emotions and flat out head games that make you turn into your own monster of looking at the world in a new dark sight.

Religion is a touchy subject. However the way it’s portrayed within this 90 page graphic novel of Man of Sin. It’s a nonstop read from start to finish, every page grabs you with the watery art colors and gradients that  you have to know what’s going on till the very end. Andrew demonstrated a broken family in a way that no one (like myself who’s going to become a father) would like to think about with a child in our world. The horrific nights of repeats of how we could have prevented the worst that came. It’s the perfect recipe to a failed household of tearing each other apart.

Camilo brings the art to life with each “brush” of a page, sinking in the true darkness surrounding Damien’s life. Carving out each moment as he plunges further and further into “Sin”, and when it’s all said and done. Damien may have hopefully found his own peace of mind, knowing the truth in his own destroyed mind, while those around him prepare for others to come and strike as Damien. But even then, maybe the enemy all along was in fact Damien himself.

“It’s father’s worst nightmare,
and I’ll be having my daughter enter this world in July.”

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