Movie Review: “She Walks the Woods” Is a Nice Indie Found Footage

Every year, 1,600 people vanish in America’s National Parks. Now, a team of adventurers is about to find out why.

From Cult Classic Horror Podcast, comes an original Found Footage feature length film regarding “She”. A creature that could be behind some of those who go missing within the National Park Woods, especially challenging those that are meant to film ways of surviving for their web series “Ultimate Survivor”.


Before starting this review, I want to first acknowledge that what I’m about to say isn’t because I personally know the guys behind the podcast whether real life or social media. Therefore these are my words from watching She Walks the Woods for the first time, I wanted to let the ride of the movie die down enough so that any over hype that was there is completely gone. And yes, I did personally back the Kickstarter because I am a strong believer in original content. Did the Blood Brothers do justice for me? Let’s find out.

Let’s start by the typical cues of any horror film, we got the geeks, nerds, horny guy and the every day goofy dumb ass friends that we hang out with. Come on, you can’t say you acted stupid in front of others if not your well trusted friends. Because let’s face it, once you know someone’s joking side. You become more comfortable around and know what and what isn’t okay to really joke with your pals, especially when you’re trying to impress the ladies.


Arriving at a very isolated cabin with nothing to offer, like cell service, electricity and a interesting way of going to the bathroom. We find these people are getting ready to meet there demise, on top of one guy (Dennis) trying to make his moves with a friend and a fan of the show. From there they hike the next morning two miles into the wilderness to start filming their web series, however this is when it starts to have most of the scares and action.

As we finally get to see “She”, I felt it was very fast paced. Couple great angles of seeing what she sort of looks like before the great reveal money shot. The practical effects created by Monster Props is very cool and interesting as we see what we can from the film of the creature. However, if you get a chance to see ANY of the Behind the Scenes photos of “She”, it’s very creepy looking. I never thought “Blair Witch” at all, if anything “She” is part of the forest, as if Native American culture.

swtw20-20mockup20-20novelization20ppb_largeMy final thoughts, She Walks the Woods is a great start to what the team of Cult Classic Horror has to offer as far as bringing original “fresh” content for us horror fans, however I feel for everyone else that they need to stop thinking Blair Witch for every damn found footage that involves woods. We need to just get pass the fact that what found footage isn’t ripping from that movie? What elements aren’t being taken from Blair Witch?

Enjoy the movie for what it is, and if it makes you want to learn more about what this “She” is. Than maybe you should check out the book, that helps give a backstory to what “She” is.


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  1. I remember the crowd funding campaign… It looked so promising!Glad it turned out to be an awesome movie. I agree with you about not calling it a Blair Witch ripoff. Similar setting and methods doesn’t mean it is a ripoff, maybe by the looks of it but we need to see other elements too, like number of characters, plot, action, and like you said, read the backstory book too. A great review, Paul!

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