“OUTBREAK” Spreads Onto YouTube

Reports of strange and aggressive behavior pour in
from across the country sending the nation into wide spread panic.

Writer. Director. DP. Editor – Alex Magaña
1st AD – Matt Lowe


Matt Lowe – Skeptic
Jess Weber – Podcaster
Amanda Landry – News Anchor
Michelle Pruiett – News Anchor
Jessica Graie – News Anchor
Tevy Poe – News Anchor
Madeline Dinda – News Anchor


Connor Vansandt
Thomas Shevela
Cassondra Brian
Jace Brian
Hana Leigh
Jazi Davis
Jenna Madden
Léa Cochet
Erik Park
Noah Brown
Stephanie Hurtado
Adam de Leon
Roslyn Seale
Abigail Wilson
Theresa Peterson
PJ Ortega
Allyson Smith
Andrew Hughes
Jessica Dardarian
Aaron Rodriguez


Steve Vansandt
Michael Shevela
Melissa Shevela
Brooke Shevela
Jed Brian
Katie Swasey
Kirk Swasey
Kaydence Swasey
Konner Swasey
Danielle Lowe
Rachel Marinelli
Ka’Prise Colvin
Anthony Balsano
Angel Hass
Nicholas Romanelli
Florencia Provoste
Maria Barroso
Bobbie-Jo Blair
Allan Sleene Jr
Jesse Mir

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