Comic Review: “Stay Awake #3” – The Final Case of Dr. Banks

Plot; Isaac Banks, a psychologist is forced to revisit the cases of three of his former patients when a detective reveals that each has died under suspicious circumstances.

Isaac Banks, a clinical psychologist specializing in CBT- Cognitive behavioral therapy, has his professional career turned on its head when a revelation regarding his former patients is revealed.

Detective Lane is running the investigation into the suspicious deaths of Isaac Banks former patients.

Writer/Colorist/Letterer: Joseph Oliveira
Artist: Adrian Manuel Garcia
Cover Artist: Dominic Racho

“Stay Awake, is the reason we don’t want to go to sleep.”
– Everything Horror Podcast

The finale has come. Dr. Banks last case to be discussed with a disturbed man that has been hearing voices within his head, along with seeing the dark entity behind it. Known has the Wing-horned Man, thought to be part of just a misunderstood man, harming himself with knives and threatening to basically off himself or even those around him so they don’t “take him away”.

Like usual, Dr. Banks is going through his recollection of his former patient and which case caused his death. At the end of a long promise to this poor guy, a promise of brokenness washed over him. And the only way out, well we all should know the rest of the story. However it doesn’t seem to stop there, Dr. Banks isn’t quite “fit” to believe that there could be more than death. He refuses to believe such nonsense of the supernatural, and always believes there’s a “logical explanation” to each and everyone’s state of mind.

However, a package did arrive for him. If you remember the clown from Stay Awake #2, then you may remember what was a “Bloody Surprise”. Making more of Dr. Banks argue with Jen at the front desk to dispose of it without the Detective’s knowledge of what was inside, and making sure she doesn’t go through the trash as well.

Maybe now would be the perfect time for Mr. Banks to start questioning his own sanity, maybe after all, it’s just been himself he should have been watching out for. Only time will tell has the last issue of Stay Awake will make it’s appearance later on this year.

“You’ll be tossing and turning in no time.
Remember to Stay Awake.”

The artwork seems more crisp and clear this time around, almost has if there wasn’t much rushing? It’s hard to say for sure, or maybe there hands were more firmed at making the atmosphere not so grudge looking. Either way, this creature is definitely something that I wouldn’t want to personally mess with. As for the cover design, to bad we didn’t get something like Issue #2, since it was focused on the clown, it would have been neat to see this beastly creature be the main focus here. But, I guess the drawing aspect of why it was chosen to be makes sense in the long run.

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