Comic Review: “Boston Metaphysical Society: Ghosts and Demons”


Caitlin and Alma have continued Mary and Frida’s work as union organizers, but when Caitlin has a disturbing dream about her childhood friend, Duncan the ghost, she decides to return to Boston to find out what’s wrong. Though it is a happy reunion with Samuel and Granville, something much more sinister awaits her and the team.

Ghosts and Demons was inspired by my standalone short story, Here Abide Monsters, which was part of the Some Time Later anthology, published by Thinking Ink Press.

After defeating The Shifter, from Spirit of Rebellion. It continues a little side story from here, and sadly leads to another interesting ending. Caitlin has a “calling” from her old pal Duncan, as she arrives to hug and discuss a little business with Samuel and Granville. Note that Caitlin is still wanted from the police. However, she isn’t really aloud to be at home, hence her mother doesn’t approve anything she has done and blames her husbands death on their daughters own hands.

Ghosts and Demons fits the current story, as an old demon re-emerges to find “The Witch” has he calls Caitlin. However, it’s to help out, you could almost say a cry for help. As the town realizes Caitlin’s return from two boys who warned Samuel about Caitlin’s safety they rush to her aid, however was it all planned? Or was there more to what would have been?

As the final pages poor out the merciful mother, trying to get Caitlin to destroy the demon from her house. Caitlin doesn’t want to obey her yet again, defends that her father would defend her decisions, while others form the place. Samuel, Granville and Alma distract the town while the deed of destroying is done.

It’s always hard to say goodbye, especially when you watch as your final ghost friend and this demon with some questions of the past, fade away from new technology. Once again, a past of memories now left with unanswered questions, what could it all mean? And now with a very religious mother. What will become of her jealously and annoyance of not being able to have control over “evil”.

Boston Metaphysical Society Coloring Book + SIGNED Ghosts and Demons.

Boston Metaphysical Society is good at a few things, answers a few questions and leaves with you more. Allowing you to research and give you a little description of what goes on within these stories with some knowledge located in the back of these books. It’s hard to really say what type of pathway Madeleine plans to take this side stories with Caitlin. But I’ll be following her story, every fact and fictional step she takes.

For something that was based off another idea she has done, and turned it into a working story for her B.M.S universe. It’s kind of the slow pace story that leads into a hard hit of the wall, because it does leave you with…

“Was there more if they didn’t take them away?”

Also check out the first ever, Boston Metaphysical Society: Coloring Book.



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