Spoiler-Free Horror Comic Review: John Horsley’s The Eynes Anthology Book One

A horror anthology about one family’s affliction with the paranormal. Will they survive, or will dark forces prevail destroying the rest of the world with them.

Without spoiling, we review, John Horsley’s “The Eynes Anthology Book One“, a Horror Comic Anthology funded by fans on Kickstarter and now available to pre-order via Storenvy (Expected to be available in May-June).


What happens when your family has this otherworldly draw to the world of the supernatural? Something pulls the world of monsters and demons to you, and you to them. Throughout history monsters and demons have haunted every aspect of your family lineage, murdering, kidnapping, converting, even falling in love. 

How did this start? Will it ever end?

Come dive into the world of the Eynes, a family that throughout history has had interactions of all kinds with monsters and demons. 

Book one opens up the world and tells you 10 stories told by various authors and artists from different spots on the Eynes family tree throughout history! This is more than an anthology, this is not just a collection of stories around a central theme. This is a collection of stories that tell you a larger narrative. The stories intertwine together and weave throughout history. 

Kickstarter Trailer:

Spoiler-Free Review:

The Eynes Anthology Book One, is a horror comic anthology with 78 pages that combines several horror comics that act as if a present day member of “Eynes” family/clan is narrating the history of his family to the reader. What makes Eynes special is that they can see and sense the paranormal entities and the entities also see them, and get drawn to them. We see the tales that go back to the medieval era, then making through the World War I and finally, the present modern day. It’s like a roller-coaster horror ride that takes you back to the history and brings you back to the present day.

  The entire anthology feels like a well-blended grand story thanks to the narrative style, and the different styles of illustrations along with storytelling by several comic creators help to make every story unique and exciting. The grand opening is with a castle story where there are possessed soldiers waiting outside to invade the castle. It plays out like The Lord of the Rings but doesn’t drag on. There is a story with the reference to the Plague and a situation worse than what we are facing right now with the current outbreak. A story of an Eynes resting at a tavern/bar before escaping the country would remind you of Skyrim or The Witcher games. I think that must be to serve the purpose of how evil gets mixed up with the good, and might play a bigger role in future books even though, we get to sense it in some following stories as it becomes harder to see who the real hero is. I think that’s also in part thanks to the skillful writing and direction of the stories.

   We get to experience some odd stories like that of a man in a town full of monsters in a Constantine movie style action, then there’s a satire style of story about a man in his 30s or 40s that seems as cool as Tommy Vercetti from Grand Theft Auto Vice City but with some twists similar to the Bizarro comics. This is the time when some subtle, and situational humor kicks in without sacrificing the horror. With the finest being seen in the story featuring WWI situation (based on a real event) where a bunch of wrong type of innocent people end up in a dangerously wrong situation where the ongoing war is not the only thing they have to worry about. We get to see some Hollywood style stories too, like one where the leading lady Nancy Eynes, is a Krampus hunter, who’s on a mission to save the street children from being killed by the Krampus (We also reviewed the sample story last year). Then there’s one story which has shape shifting alien sort of a thing but the situation reminded me of Resident Evil 4 monster Regenerator and Jurassic Park 1’s kitchen scene. One story with high school/university girls felt interesting with a message that is similar to Toy Story but in a different context. Story’s tone was as exciting as Life Is Strange Season 1 game. As the anthology is closing we see that the narrator isn’t just narrating but there’s something supernatural happening with him as well, and the anthology ends with a hint that we will get to see more from the creators soon!

  I like how they avoid the stereotype of “good vs. evil” in this anthology. Despite the big brand names I mentioned just as references to know what to expect from this anthology, the horror stories and art feels very original. This is something that you would experience for the first time, as the execution is unique. The book or the stories never judge any character and allows the reader to interpret the characters as they sees fit. Some prominent names do emerge as the main antagonist spirits but overall, the suspense stays on during the entire anthology. The editing, illustrations, lettering, dialogues, writing, and the overall concept is entertaining, and provides a lot of scary surprises. All the stories are in color except one with black and white illustrations. There is some gore, violence, and in one story nudity along with suggestive themes. Besides, there is a strong theme of occult, fear, alcohol, smoking, and mild language. This is a brilliant read for mature audience that never gets monotonous with its content as things are always changing with every new story.   

Overall, a well edited anthology that is very fluid in transitions, giving you a variety of horror tales with enough content in 78 pages that make you feel satisfied after reading them. The anthology has all the stories well written, beautifully illustrated, perfectly lettered & edited. The anthology has “Book One” in its title so it’s a great news that we will be getting more sequels in future as there is a huge potential for the Eynes brand to become a big name in the horror comic industry thanks to the grand premise and the unique way of tying a variety of horror tales together through the Eynes clan family history way of presentation, that is similar to how well Ubisoft handled their Assassin’s Creed historical games.

Sample Pages from the Official Kickstarter Legacy Page:

Some Days - Art by Rick Bugbee and DC Alanso
Some Days – Art by Rick Bugbee and DC Alanso
The Crossed Paths - Art by Sabastian Varela Baino
The Crossed Paths – Art by Sabastian Varela Baino
The Black Hand - Art by Greg Woronchak and John Horsley
The Black Hand – Art by Greg Woronchak and John Horsley
Camelot's Gift - art by Rick Bugbee
Camelot’s Gift – art by Rick Bugbee
The Wanderer - art by Clayton Hollifielf
The Wanderer – art by Clayton Hollifielf
Nate Ersatz and the Skinwalkers - art by J. Paul Shieck
Nate Ersatz and the Skinwalkers – art by J. Paul Shieck
Nancy Eynes: Krampus Killer - art by Scott Godlewski and John Horsley
Nancy Eynes: Krampus Killer – art by Scott Godlewski and John Horsley
Something Borrowed - Art by Dennis Tirona and JW Sims
Something Borrowed – Art by Dennis Tirona and JW Sims

CREDITS & Story info from the official Kickstarter Legacy Page:

Stories and creators in book one.

Some Days

Written | John Horsley Art | Rick Bugbee Colors | DC Alanso Letters | Nikki Powers
                       Darius wants to defend his people and calls for aid from his kin. The aid comes, but not how he envisions.

The Sallow Heart

Written | Casey T. Allen Art | Rob Toal
                       When a dark priest creates a Golem to do his bidding, it does not go exactly as he planned.

The Crossed Paths

Written | Joseph S-Pell Art Sabastian Varela Baino Letters Nikki Powers
                       September 1645, after the fall of Bristol in the English civil war, Royalist Nathaniel Eynes flees his way into a small pub called “The Crossed paths”, where he meets a woman called Agnes.

The Black Hand

Written | Travis Webb Pencils Greg Woronchak Inks John Horsley
                       World War 1 Gallipoli, Erva Eynes joins the Kings Guard in search of a missing unit. Based on true events.

Camelot’s Gift

 Written John Horsley Art Rick Bugbee Colors | Denis Caron
                Jack Eynes is on the trail of the killer demon Camelot as he terrorizes London. He’s on the way home after a long night of hunting when he hears a crash…from his apartment. 

The Wanderer

Written | Michael Tanner Art Clayton Hollifield
                       Gibson Eynes is an evil bastard. What he does to Missy isn’t fair.

Nate Ersatz and the Skinwalkers

Written Greg Smith Art J. Paul Schiek
                       The 1980’s never looked so good. Nate Ersatz and his sister Kaycey are on the hunt but they encounter more than they can handle.

Nancy Eynes, Krampus Killer

Written Kenric Regan Art | Scott Godlewski Colors | John Horsley Letters Nikki Powers
                       Nancy works for the big guy. She hunts the things that devour kids in the streets, Krampus.

Something Borrowed

 Written TS Black Art Dennis Tirona Colors | JW Sims Letters Nikki Powers
                Scarlet Eynes and her school friends are considering sneaking out of the boarding school dorm for a night on the town. A demon possessed group of friends scatters those plans.

Connect with the Anthology Creators:

Official Website (Pre-Order Book One & also get more info)- http://eynesanthology.com/

Direct Pre-order link via Storenvy Page of John Horsley

Official FaceBook Page

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Official Twitter- https://twitter.com/eynesanthology

Kickstarter Archive/Legacy Page

Our Interview: Casey Allen / John Horsley | The Eynes Anthology:

“Nancy Eynes: Krampus Killer” – Sample Review

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