Spoiler-Free Comic Review: Reanimator Incorporated – A Lovecraft-inspired Graphic Novel (On Kickstarter till June 17th 2020)

Inspired by H.P. Lovecraft, this 72-page graphic novel reimagines the original Reanimator story, opening doors into other realms.

Without spoiling, we review, 76 paged fully colored graphic novel, Reanimator Incorporated: Chapter One, a complete reimagining of the original story of H.P. Lovecraft’s ‘Herbert West – Reanimator’. Currently on Kickstarter till June 17th, 2020!

Official Synopsis :

Bloody-minded scientist Herbert West struggles to reanimate the dead, while his partner, Cain struggles with the morality of their morbid task. Under mounting pressure, West’s determination to perfect his atomic reanimation unit leaves his ethics, subjects and family in limbo. As the boundaries of science are pushed to breaking point, ructions within the infernos of hell expose a much greater, theological threat.

Spoiler-Free Review:

Re-animator Incorporated chapter one is a fully colored 76 paged graphic novel / comic book that features a very intriguing narrative of two scientists working on a cure for disease, death, and disability that can help the company that employs them to stay afloat in the stock market, while perhaps take the science a step further. The story also features several subplots, and character developments that make it a unique comic akin to a Hollywood movie or a TV series with a powerful way of storytelling similar to DC and Marvel comics. It stays true to the original Lovecraftian story but everything feels fresh and modern.

  The story starts in an experiment setting, and the main subject might feel a bit controversial depending on how you see it. As the product requires to restore health, vitality and even bring back the dead, the scientists have to experiment on human corpses, after initial mouse trials. We can clearly see the main lead, Mr. West being under stress because despite deadline, there is still no progress in their experimentation, his colleague Mr. Cain is a religious man, but never lets his personal belief get in the way of his scientific work. Mr. West loves every chance of mocking him, and making fun of his colleague, Mr. Cain’s beliefs. We also get a glimpse into the corporate life of Ms. Lee, who’s the granddaughter of the founder of the company that employs West & Cain. We see that not everything about corporate life is glittery as there’s media and Board members to answer, and shareholders to keep happy otherwise the company will be another bankruptcy story. Mr. West’s family life is in shambles due to the busy life of a scientist, with his only son growing up alone with his mother, while his father toiled in the labs. Mrs. West is also under a huge stress due to managing the house alone, and relies on alcohol to keep her life going. We see some family drama too, but never too much as the focus is on horror and science-fiction instead of drama or comedy. The pace of the comic keeps things fresh and very interesting. The best thing, as the creators have mentioned is that these all characters are imagined to be the descendants of the original characters from H.P. Lovecraft’s original story!

   The experiment seems to have succeeded without both scientists knowing. That’s the problem. It’s where everything starts being scary, and sci-fi gets horror injected in it. How it all unfolds is an interesting and exciting thing to witness as there are multiple narratives going on, with the experiment story, West’s son having his thesis, and Lee’s story of keeping the company in a good position. Cain’s story of the scientist believing in God and practicing prayers while experimenting isn’t farfetched as we all know that scientists come from a diverse backgrounds. The comic never judges anyone but it does seem to come across as trying to portray the fact that there are things that even science hasn’t done enough research into, or perhaps, we don’t have enough tools to explore that section of life. Especially that of life beyond death, and is there a soul, and spirit world?

  Chapter One provides a lot of direct, and subtle answers to all of the things I have mentioned. I really appreciate the comic writer’s approach of handling science vs religion argument. Also, I like how realistic the characters are made through the art, narration, and writing. The lettering, colors, and editing is perfect. Every page feels like a panel full of beautiful water color paintings. You will never feel a page is drifting away from the narration, and the comic is well paced. No nudity, or suggestive themes but some blood, mild violence, and mild language. All characters feel alive, you will love them.   Chapter One ends with a lot of shocking twists, and revelations, and the next book seems to be as promising as this one. With a hint of horror being an integral and important part of it as well.

  Overall, the sci-fi horror comic starts off in an exciting way, and the excitement of science gets the spice of horror along the road to deliver a very intriguing, and entertaining story that’s telling a lot of different things to you, and trying to ask many questions we all have about life and death, and yet feels very unique. Staying true to the original H.P. Lovecraft story, yet re-imagining it and modernizing it in many ways, it feels like a treat for H.P. Lovecraft fans as well as those who would like to get introduced to the H.P. Lovecraft literature. The characters feel alive, well written, loveable, and thus, realistic. If you love sci-fi and horror, this is a must read because it has the best of both worlds!

More information and context from the Official Kickstarter Page:

Based on H.P. Lovecraft’s ‘Herbert West – Reanimator’, Reanimator Incorporated: Chapter One is a complete reimagining of the original story. Taking inspiration from Lovecraft’s original text, and from Gordon’s 80s movie adaptation, this 72-page graphic novel modernises West’s machinations, whilst weaving literary mythology (Lovecraftian and beyond) into the tale. Think Reanimator meets From Beyond, with a splash of Dante’s Inferno, a dab of King’s Pet Sematary… And then some…

The first chapter in a six-part series, Reanimator Incorporated: Chapter One is a 72-page graphic novel based upon and inspired by H.P. Lovecraft’s original story, ‘Herbert West – Reanimator’.

This is not a remake of the original Reanimator story, or even a straight-up modernisation of the original. This is a reimagining of the characters and the concepts from Lovecraft’s Necronomicon collection, weaving in other classical and modern sci-fi and horror, while exploring philosophical and theological ideas.

If a body is reanimated, where has the soul resided during the period before reanimation? If a person can be atomically recreated along with their memories, is it still the same person?

There’s a balance between the Lovecraftian mythology and the introduction to the characters, so that the novel appeals to existing fans while remaining accessible to those unfamiliar with Lovecraft and his stories. The story is for fans of sci-fi / horror cross-over who like to ponder the metaphysical while seeing bodies being torn apart.

We want you to be able to see how great the book is and get a taste for the world of Lovecraft. Click the link to get a free sample!

Audience Suitability – Reanimator Incorporated contains mature language and themes and is therefore only suitable for a mature audience. 

Of course, West (or at least his grandson) is in there, along with his loyal, but conflicted side-kick, Cain. We meet a descendent of West’s commanding officer, Sir Eric Moreland Clapham-Lee. We’re also introduced to West’s wife and his son, the latter of which is working on his own Tillinghast device in order to see beyond…

Check out the Official Kickstarter Page which also contains FREE PREVIEW LINK. Be a supporter & get the rewards today! (Deadline:- June 17th, 2020)

Meet the Creators:

Andy is an estranged Northerner, now living in London, working as an IT Consultant when he’s not dreaming up crazy ideas for new stories. Andy made his writing debut with the self-published sci-fi comic, Undetermined in 2018 and had his first short story, titled ‘Ingrowing’, published later that year in the horror anthology, Twisted 50 Vol. 2. Various other short stories, novels, poetry and comics remain in the works in various forms, and Reanimator Incorporated is the realisation of an idea smouldering for the best part of a decade, so perhaps there’s hope for the other ideas too.

Illustrator, writer and comic-book artist Lyndon White has worked with clients including The Tower of London & Historic Palaces, Gatwick Airport and Lakes Comic Art Festival. His work has been part of over 30 successful Kickstarters, and has successfully ran seven Kickstarters, six of which were featured as Kickstarter Staff Picks. A First-Class BA (Hons) Illustration for Graphic Novels graduate of Glyndŵr University, Lyndon occasionally teaches Sequential Arts at Salford University.

Hassan is the editor behind the Eisner-winning PanelxPanel magazine, as well as a comics letterer and editor, with half from Algeria and half from England. He’s also the voice behind the Strip Panel Naked series.

Chris is an Illustrator who is based in Otago, New Zealand. His credits include illustrating Andy’s reality bending comic, Undetermined. He has also created the “mini-coffee table” book Icons of Horror. His upcoming works include his long gestating project, Cane L. Grey: Werewolf Bounty Hunter and a premium poster series based upon the works of H.P.Lovecraft.

Fred McNamara spends an unhealthy amount of time overthinking indie/small press comic books, cult television and retro science fiction. He puts this overthinking to use as the senior editor for A Place To Hang Your Cape and the author of Spectrum is Indestructible. Contributing to the editorial stage of Reanimator Incorporated marks Fred’s debut work as a comic book story editor. He can only apologise in advance

Jack is a freelance events producer living in London, who happens to adore the English language and abhor its butchery. Currently staving off boredom and terror during the wake of this latest pandemic, he’s content to write music for his band You Win Again Gravity and peer suspiciously through the blinds at innocent passers by.

A Message from the creators

The book is finished. We’ve already spent the time writing the script, creating the artwork, editing the book, contacting printers, working out costs and preparing the book for print. We just need help to raise the money to cover the printing costs.

Support on Kickstarter Today!

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Andy Perry

Lyndon White

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