Music Review: Molly Fancher “A Sudden Knock…” EP

Mystical trance, clairvoyance, split personality and many other things that make hair stand on end. Such was a life – life of Molly Fancher. Interesting, could poor girl Molly imagine that century and half later on the other side of globe will emerge a band named in her honor?

These five zombie’s rose from the graves to mix classical “horror cocktail” from black-&-white movies with Bela Lugosi and Lon Chaney Jr., cult horror fiction with vigor and speed a la Blitzkid and The Crimson Ghost, and then treat this to all comers. Lost souls, old cemeteries, beveled tombstones, bats, cold crypts, fog and darkness…

Molly Fancher. Straight from the graves on stage!

Band Members:
W. Burke – Guitar/Singer
А. Tuoni – Backing singer
R. Knox – Guitar
Charley-Charley – Сontrabass
Daft Jamie – Drums

band photo

Upon first listening it’s a nice easy punk stylish feel, mixed with harmonies and horror themed songs. It’s quite different within the whole modern day scene, it’s almost like Molly Fancher really catches the old days of the Punk scene. Like their music reminds me of old Green Day, Misfits and other punk bands that really had that nice crisp, clean feel where the vocals didn’t have much emotion with harmonies on every track.

I’m no way saying that every song with harmonies is a bad thing, but it feels like they really took that approach with their first EP, “A Sudden Knock…” that features three tracks, each one has their own melodies with harmonies. Each with a different horror theme that is easy to understand, while only lasting for a total of 7 minutes or so. It’s another way to celebrate Halloween every day, especially with a band that hopefully you haven’t heard before and is now willing to give them a listen and support.

EP cover“A Sudden Knock…”
January 24th 2018

#1. A Sudden Knock

#2. Howling at the Moon

#3. The Return




If you enjoy the old sounding of punk that has little to no emotions within the vocals of a raw, crisp and clean recording with horror elements. Think of like Misfits, but not giving it all within the recordings unless you were to see them live. As a first EP for these Russian Punk Musicians, I honestly hope we get to hear new music soon regarding the whole world situation going on right now. Hell I’d like to hear what kind of Horror Theme they could do with a full blown album.

If you like what you hear and want to support these guys, make sure to check out their bandcamp, for “A Sudden Knock…” [EP] and “The Dead Are on the Road” single. Otherwise right now the only place to hear “Where Are Our Pumpkins!” single is only available through their soundcloud page. Which give you just a little bit more of their sound before the EP dropped, and lastly you can find “A Sudden Knock…” on iTunes.

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