John Carpenters Tales of Science Fiction: The Standoff – Trade Paperback Review

At Tattersall Prison, a max-lock for the baddest of the bad, sleepless nights are the norm… until a fireball from the sky turns the night shift into a nightmare — trapping guards and cons on the inside, cops on the outside, and escapees in-between… all of them threatened by a hideous alien invader which needs nice, warm human bodies in which to incubate. From the outside, it looks like a replay of Waco, but from the inside, it’s more like Dante’s first draft of the Inferno. Psychotic Fraiser Bonner leads an army of convicts with a grudge against lead guard Wayne Jessup, whose crew is marooned inside with no means of exit. Black ops spook Elaine Farris tries to call the shots as captive guards get executed by Bonner. Farris dreads the moment she will have to call in her “expert,” Conrad Gant, whose life she destroyed six years earlier. Why? Because Gant knows about the alien interlopers, who use the human form as a chrysalis and shed the envelope of flesh to produce Earth-compatible conquerors… and Gant was hounded into silence by Elaine and her fixers. Now the clock is ticking and there’s an invasion to be stopped, as minute by minute, guards perish and alien numbers grow stronger, with the aim of spilling out of the prison cordon and into the rest of the world. It’s a hostage situation. It’s a battle between species. It’s Earth’s most serious Standoff.

Written by David J. Schow
Art by Andres Esparza
Colors by Sergio Martinez
Letters By Janice Chaing
Edited by Sandy King
Covers by Tim Bradstreet

This is a perfect blend of Alien 3 with prisoners trapped and while troopers are coming onto the planet to secure the situation. However with the prisoners with demands of their own, cutting off Guards left and right for their demands every two hours. Imagine also having to worry about Sci-Fi Bugs, remember the 1995 B Movie, Mosquito? That’s exactly what I thought of, but what if those Mosquito’s could do more than just drain the body of their blood.

Quite a interesting take I know, but sort of like The Standoff. Something came crashing down, spreading like wildfire. It’s like if Mosquito’s had a sequel with upgrades. Then take like Universal Soldiers or even the Marines from a sci-fi film to try containing both the hostage situation on top of a “Bug Hunt”.

Personally without going into more details, if you like your sci-fi throwback of interesting killer bug movies. John Carpenter Tales of Science Fiction: The Standoff should be for you, because there’s enough good cop, bad cops mixed with more with a drop of mysterious bugs. You got yourself a very clever, all out survival of the fittest for everyone. Not just the crew onboard, but also outside dealing with the hostage situation.

“The Standoff is like the Mosquito film, but upgraded to
another level of sci-fi awesomeness.”

Overall, the color theme works for a sci-fi title. The dialogue works like a bank robbery gone bad. And with these mysterious bugs, it brings back memories of old films you watched and go. “Wow, I love these cheesy moments.” Check out the title today and see if it fits for you.

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