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Without spoiling we review, a horror short film called, Genevieve, based on a supernatural antagonist which was a part of Urban Fears anthology, the creepy possessed doll with the same name. The film was out on NMJ Films YouTube Channel and Amazon Prime Video on July 15th, 2020. But now it’s FREE to watch on YouTube!

Nicholas Michael Jacobs, the creator of the revolutionary Urban Fears (2019) horror anthology, and Tales from Six Feet Under (2020) feature film on Amazon Prime Video.

Official Synopsis:

Ted Morris is attending his son’s funeral while two criminals are breaking into his home, these criminals are trying to steal the notorious killer doll, Genevieve. Because they think the doll would be worth some money, but these people have no idea what they’re dealing with.

Spoiler-Free Short Film Review:

NMJ Films is famous for unique horror movies and short films, and Genevieve short film. The horror short film has been shot during the Corona virus outbreak, so we have to take that into consideration when viewing or reviewing it.

 The story feels like an aftermath of Genevieve section for NMJ Film’s Urban Fears horror anthology. This short horror film feels like an interesting take on it as the doll is found by a person who’s planning to sell it as a “possessed doll” will fetch a huge price when sold to the right people. The perspective in this short film is not third person or cinematic, but it feels like a POV (Point of View) ore Found Footage sort of horror film, but with a high quality mobile camera instead of the usual grainy ones.

 As I mentioned, the film is shot at the home of one of the thieves who has the doll, and he’s with the doll while we see him messaging the other friend who briefly mentions Ted Morris as the character is away for funeral. Messages feel like having subtle humor but the overall film is focused on psychological horror. We don’t see anyone’s face in this film, as it’s a POV film, with only one guy stuck in a house with a possessed doll. What happens with the guy who is overconfident of controlling a possessed doll, is what makes this short film interesting.

 I would like to say that despite having restrictions on shooting and cast, the horror short is well made, as the cinematography feels professional, especially the dark stairs section of the end. The doll is as effective as seen in Urban Fears, with now some hairs added to the head making it look more humanoid, and shocking. The music used is beautiful, as it’s created by NMJ Films, besides “Horror Ambience | Underworld” – a track by the famous artist Myuu, who has created multiple hits including Resident Evil 2 Save Room theme’s piano cover by him. We don’t see any actors but the voice modulation, body language while operating the camera, and the direction of the scenes once again shows the capabilities of Nicholas Michael Jacobs as a film maker.

 Overall, the 5 minutes short horror film Genevieve by Nicholas Michael Jacobs is a must watch for those who watched Urban fears, but also for those who would like to see the art of making a horror short film, despite all the odds of the current Corona virus outbreak. It also shows how the film maker utilizes the time properly instead of being idle. Filled with beautiful music, creepy doll, and awesome thrills, Genevieve is a brilliant attempt at film making during the outbreak worth checking out and supporting as it genuinely feels like a short made out of desire to give a quick haunted doll fix for horror fans during the current outbreak situation.

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Film Review: Genevieve (2021) Horror Feature Film by NMJ Films!

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