Shadow Knights Studio Release “The Lighthouse Early Access” Trailer

The Lighthouse is now available on Steam Early Access (60% OFF DURING THE STEAM SUMMER SALE!) –…

Act 3 – Coming soon

Learn More

Get the Soundtrack:…

Still not sure? Well here is what we’ve played and thought about Shadow Knights Studio game. With some game play videos and reviews.


Playlist contains the following videos.

  • Steam Early Access (FIRST 30 Mins)
  • FIRST REACTION With Tessa and Paul (Demo)
  • Second Playthrough (Demo)
  • Finding the SECRET Room


Final Notes: Once it’s all said and done, we’d love to be able to Interview behind the game and music. It takes blood, sweat and tears to build a world of a story telling driven horror game. And we would love to have a “No Hold Bar” sort of chat with the team of SKS and Mimi Page herself.

Till then Support Indie Horror Studios. Without fans, there’s no games.

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