“Desolatium” Demo + Kickstarter Almost Over


Immerse yourself in a distressing psychological thriller where you will have to solve mysterious murders commited between 2019 and 2020, in order to find who hydes behind all that madness. But you may find something you were not looking for, since discovering what is happening will take you into a world of darkness, terror and insanity, into a DESOLATED world.

Be part, like never before, of an exciting mystery based on Lovecraft’s Myths. Full of puzzles, sects and primordial deities, with hyper-realistic 360º graphics and a chilling sound (ambisonic – 8D). You will experience in first person the intertwined stories of four characters who will have to investigate these mysterious events from different starting points and clues. But, be careful! Your decisions can have serious consequences that will lead you to different endings.

Dive into the well-known Myths of Lovecraft in a whole new way with this immersive, first-person, Point & Click, Graphic Adventure, with a taste of Survival Horror. Awarded the “Most Innovative Game” award by PlayStation and the “Best Sound” award by Gamepolis.

You can play Desolatium on a PC / Mac or enjoy a more complete and intense experience with a VR device (Oculus or HTC Vive)


We live in a predictable world. The anesthetizing reality of our every-day only seems interrupted by fragments of horror, presented to us in the form of news about wars in third world countries, tragic accidents or pandemics. And still, even under the worst circumstances, most of us know exactly what to expect from the next day, and the next … accepting our programmed dose of routine.

Only a few have come to glimpse something else, something that lives among us, that lurks in the dark, that hides in the corners of space and time. But they wish they had never seen it, because there is another world waiting at the limits of this one, a world of indescribable horror.

Disappearances, ritual murders, a great and ancient evil that longs to return to the world that was once his. Investigate the disappearances and try to discover what lies behind, entering a hidden and dark world where you will have to leave behind the safety of an ordinary life. Try to make sense of the truth … and not go crazy in the process.


Demo: https://superlumen.itch.io/desolatium
Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1130390/DESOLATIUM/
Kickstarter: http://kck.st/2XZhXCO

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