Did You See That? by Lawrence Gibbs and Kenneth Lamar Gibbs Sr. – A Horror Book About Witch’s Quest For Love Gone Wrong

The story of a naive witch-to-be that battles the guilt of causing the deaths of those closest to her and the threat that she unleashes unto the world.

“Did You See That?” a Horror Romantic Book by Lawrence Gibbs (Author), Kenneth Lamar Gibbs Sr. (Author)  promises thrills of witches, magic, and demons!

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Did You See That – Book Commerical:

About the Story:

Chaka Attah is young witch-in-training and under the tutelage of her mentor, Witch Mildred, she has kept her cover as a college student secure. However, once her mentor is given custody of the Riazza Themsla, an ancient book of magic, Chaka seizes the opportunity to use it’s renowned power to cast a love spell on the man of her dreams. What she didn’t expect was the demon living within the book’s pages. And she definitely didn’t expect it would use her as a bridge back onto earth.

Now Chaka and her friends are going to be killed unless she can use the help from Lamar, the brother of her best friend, who has been chosen as the Guardian, to send the demon back to its prison. Though what may have started as a simple love spell may cost the lives of everyone Chaka holds dear.

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