Interview: Nicholas Michael Jacobs Talks About His Horror Short Film Genevieve, His Inspirations & How to Stay Positive During Difficult Times!

In this exclusive interview, we talk to Nicholas Michael Jacobs, the creator of the revolutionary Urban Fears (2019) horror anthology, and Tales from Six Feet Under (2020) feature film on Amazon Prime Video.

His latest horror short film called, Genevieve, based on a supernatural antagonist which was a part of Urban Fears anthology, the creepy possessed doll with the same name. The film will be out on NMJ Films YouTube Channel and Amazon Prime Video on July 15th, 2020.

He talks not only about the Genevieve film, but also how he become inspired to be a film maker, which horror movies influenced him, and what he does to keep himself motivated despite the difficult times like we are going through right now.


(1) Please tell us about yourself, and how you became a filmmaker. What, or who inspired you to start making films?

I knew I wanted to be a filmmaker from a very young age, I used to watch old behind the scenes videos of things like Army Of Darkness and Puppet Master, that led me to want to become a filmmaker and I eventually went to a performing arts high school, learned all the tricks of the trade in my film class and the rest is history.

(2) How did you become a horror fan, and which films influenced your work the most?

I became a horror fan at a very young age, I used to go to Blockbuster a lot as a kid and I would always be in the horror section, I rented movies like Bride Of Chucky, Puppet Master, Evil Dead, A Nightmare On Elm Street, Halloween and the list goes on.

(3) What made you interested in making Genevieve a part of your Urban Fears anthology, and now the main theme of the upcoming horror short film?

When I was making Urban Fears, I knew I wanted to have a killer doll segment in the film but I didn’t have a doll to use, so after a lot of searching online I eventually came across the doll on Facebook and as soon as I saw the doll I came up with the whole story instantly.

(4) Talking about possessed dolls in horror (Chucky, Annabelle, etc.), which dolls do you really like, and dislike? What was the idea behind the Genevieve doll name, design, and story?

The possessed dolls in horror that I love are Chucky of course and mainly all of the puppets from Puppet Master, a possessed doll that I don’t necessarily love is actually Annabelle because I feel like she never really got to reach her full potential with the movies that she’s in. Now, Genevieve, the name was actually written on the box that she came in and the doll actually already existed as I stated before. I found the doll on Facebook but the idea came from the look of the doll itself, as soon as I saw the doll I came up with the story of her being made out of flesh, etc.

(5) We think that your outdoor filming and direction was remarkable in Urban Fears Anthology, but due to the current outbreak situation, you had to shoot the Genevieve short film at home. What do you think is more effective, and easier to create- horror outdoors, or horror indoors? Which type of horror films do you prefer to create, and why?

Well on such a low budget it’s actually easier and I think I prefer to shoot inside I would say because of the lighting, but I think the effectiveness all depends on the story, you can have a great atmosphere indoors and outdoors, it’s all about the script and how you shoot it.

(6) We have heard your music from your films, and it’s pretty impressive. How did you learn to make such good quality music? Also, have you considered becoming a composer, or a musician besides, being a filmmaker?

The score I made for Urban Fears was actually my very first time making music and I won an Award for Best Original Score at the FEARnyc film festival last year. I taught myself everything I know about music by just trying things out, also I would love to compose other people’s films but I just haven’t had the opportunity to yet.

Listen to the Official Soundtrack on YouTube

(7) You have created horror movies with limited resources and a team. It’s a remarkable achievement as not everyone possesses the willpower or courage to do it. What would be your advice to horror fans who would like to create horror films or even short videos with a low budget? Especially, now that the Corona outbreak has placed more restrictions on movements, and crew.

My advice to horror fans who would like to create horror films would be, just do it, go for it, follow your dreams and don’t let anything get in your way of achieving your goal of being a horror filmmaker.

(8) Besides, film making, and music creation, which hobbies do you really like? It’s a pretty stressful time for people involved in the film making industry as the outbreak has paused their career, and earnings, at least for now. What would you suggest to the film industry professionals to stay positive, and productive during difficult times like these?

I love collecting, I collect all things horror from DVDs to Blu Rays to even replicas, I just love the horror genre so much and that’s what drives me to make these movies and create my own original characters.
I would suggest they hang in there and if they still have the urge to film then do it from the comfort of their own home or surrounding area.

(9) What are your future plans for films, music, or even Genevieve? Would you like to create more Genevieve films and make it a series? Are there any new fields of career you’d like to enter, in the same way, you started making horror related videos on YouTube?

The responses we have been getting for Genevieve have been so awesome, that we are actually already working on a short film sequel titled Genevieve Wreaks Havoc, we also have other things brewing behind the scenes but I’m afraid I can’t give all that away at this moment.

(10) While concluding, what would you like to tell the readers about Genevieve horror short film? Why according to you, it’s a must-watch horror film?

If you are a fan of indie horror, killer dolls, and short films then this is definitely the movie for you, we try some new techniques with this short and I think will have a lot of people interested in seeing more of the notorious killer doll, Genevieve.

We thank Nicholas Michael Jacobs for the time, and sharing so many exclusive details about the upcoming films and film making too. We wish the horror short film a huge success, and request the readers to check out the details below, along with the official links to watch it and follow the creator, Nicholas Michael Jacobs:-

Official Trailer of Genevieve Horror Short Film:

Official Synopsis:

Ted Morris is attending his son’s funeral while two criminals are breaking into his home, these criminals are trying to steal the notorious killer doll, Genevieve. Because they think the doll would be worth some money, but these people have no idea what they’re dealing with.

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