Molly Fancher to Release “Welcome to the Sematary” EP in August

Recently you may have heard the band from Russia, Molly Fancher, a Horror Punk band that gave us a chance to  review their “A Sudden Knock…” EP. Now their feeling quite fresh to bring out new tunes for us all. Below is a band statement regarding their upcoming new EP release. 

Who we used to call The King of horror?
Whose books we have been reading for so many years?

A lot of movies and serials are based on his stories. He shown us the road to Salem’s Lot, introduced us to Children of the Corn and even made the trip for us to … the Hotel Overlook.

Of course you know who we are talking about. We are one of those who love his creation and that is why we decided to make our EP based on his stories.

August is coming… Be patient and prepare shovels… In the end of this summer we will organize a trip for you to the “Pet Sematary”.

Source: Molly Fancher Facebook.

Set to come out sometime in August, we can look forward to FOUR brand new tracks from the horror punk band. “Welcome to the Sematary” EP will feature tracks such as “Welcome to the Sematary”, “I’m Behind You”, “Mr. N”, & “Die With Me”. You can listen to the samples of these tracks by clicking on the Facebook link mentioned above.

Even though these are teases of the brand new tunes, I can assure you that the recording quality has seemed to improved since their last release. And I’m not trying to say that in a bad way, more of a cleaner sounding than the grungy punk sound I mentioned in the review. Either way from what I’ve heard, I can’t wait to hear the whole EP in August.

mf-wtts-epMolly Fancher
“Welcome to the Sematary” EP
August 2020

1. Welcome to the Sematary

2. I’m Behind You

3. Mr. N

4. Die With Me



If you like what you hear and want to support these guys, make sure to check out their bandcamp, for “A Sudden Knock…” [EP] and “The Dead Are on the Road” single. Otherwise right now the only place to hear “Where Are Our Pumpkins!” single is only available through their soundcloud page. Which give you just a little bit more of their sound before the EP dropped, and lastly you can find “A Sudden Knock…” on iTunes.

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