Killer Doll GENEVIEVE (2020) Handmade Officially Licensed Action Figures from NMJ Films Available Now from Etsy!

Genevieve Killer Doll horror short film was released in July 2020 by NMJ Films on YouTube and Amazon Prime. The film was shot at home because of the current outbreak, and shows how a horror film can be made despite the restrictive circumstances.

If the audience wanted to get a figurine of the doll to keep as a memorabilia of this film, or maybe scare their friends, it is possible now as NMJ Films have made the action figure available from Etsy with international shipping also available.

There have been some 5 star reviews too, and only few dolls are left, so there seems to be a high demand for Genevieve dolls!

Official Information about the action figure from the Store Page:

Handmade by the seller: FrightfullyFreaky (From the UK)

Product Name:- GENEVIEVE (2020) Handmade Officially Licensed Action Figures from NMJ Films

Doll Name: Genevieve

Height: 16cm tall

13 points of articulation

Background info: Genevieve: the killer doll made her first appearance in Director Nicholas Michael Jacobs’ first Horror Anthology, Urban Fears (2019). Since then she has gained so much of a following that it led Nicholas Michael Jacobs to create a short film based on the doll, Genevieve (2020) and that short did so well that it led to another one getting made immediately, Genevieve Wreaks Havoc (2020). But now, you can bring Genevieve home yourself with the Officially Licensed GENEVIEVE Action Figures! Each figure was handmade by FrightfullyFreaky, they worked with Nicholas Michael Jacobs every step of the way to ensure that each figure captured the spirit and likeness of Genevieve as much as possible. So pick up your Officially Licensed Handmade GENEVIEVE Action Figures today but act fast because there are only 5 figures available and once they are gone, they are gone.

(GENEVIEVE WREAKS HAVOC will release via YouTube & Amazon Prime Video on Halloween 2020)

Ready to dispatch in 3–5 business days (From United Kingdom)

Limited Stock (Only 4 Available) & International shipping- Click here to visit the shop today!!!

About Genevieve Short Films:

About Genevieve Killer Doll Horror Short Film:

Ted Morris is attending his son’s funeral while two criminals are breaking into his home, these criminals are trying to steal the notorious killer doll, Genevieve. Because they think the doll would be worth some money, but these people have no idea what they’re dealing with.

Watch the First Short Film here for FREE:

Watch on Amazon Prime Video!

About Genevieve Wrecks Havoc (Sequel Coming Out This Halloween!)

Short Synopsis:

Witness David Burr’s last few minutes of life as Genevieve punishes him for breaking into her home.

Official IMDb Page of Genevieve Wreaks Havoc Short Film

The Creator & the Team:

Nicholas Michael Jacobs, the creator of the  Urban Fears (2019) horror anthology, and Tales from Six Feet Under (2020) feature film on Amazon Prime Video, has created the short film Genevieve, and now the Killer Doll story continues with Genevieve Wrecks Havoc.

Nicholas Michael Jacobs is playing the role of David Burr. Star Shawn C. Philips also re-joins the team as Ted Morris for this short film. The poster was made by Neil Fraser Graphics.

Where to Watch?

Filming starts early next month, and will be released on NMJ Films YouTube as well as Amazon Prime Video, just like Genevieve Short Film.

Our Review of the First Genevieve Short Film:

Spoiler-Free Horror Short Film Review: Genevieve by Nicholas Michael Jacobs’ NMJ Films!

Movie Merch Here!!- Get NMJ Films T-Shirts, Pins, Masks From Red Bubble!

Our Interview with the Creator, Nicholas Michael Jacobs about the Film, Horror & More:

Interview: Nicholas Michael Jacobs Talks About His Horror Short Film Genevieve, His Inspirations & How to Stay Positive During Difficult Times!

Official Links to Connect with the Creator:

Follow the official Instagram of Nicholas Michael Jacobs Films to keep updated about the movies:-

Official Website:-

Official IMDb Page here!

Twitter of Nicholas Michael Jacobs

Facebook Page of NMJ Films

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NMJ Films YouTube

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