Horror Comic Collection Discordia #0: 3 Horror Shorts to Satiate Your Bloodlust Now On Kickstarter till Sept 2nd, 2020! [Read FREE & Back for Great Rewards!]

The introductory issue to an ongoing horror series. This #0 world-builds for the epic horror tale to come.

Created by Kristopher Jerome and Patrick Buermeyer. Published by Dark Tidings Press, LLC, An indie publisher of speculative fiction based out of Albany, Oregon. Dark Tidings Press focuses on Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and Horror, both in prose and comics!

The first Issue is free to read on Webtoon (Link given below, and on the Kickstarter page), but the Kickstarter crowd funding campaign provides the backers with the ability to get physical rewards, and of course to support the creators.

Much more information is available at the official Kickstarter page which is available till September 2nd, 2020 10:17 PM UTC +04:00. A glimpse of which, you’ll find below:-

More Official Information from the Kickstarter Page:



Short Synopsis:

A kingdom ruled by monsters. A continent ravaged by plague. An empire conquered by fascism. The lands of Discordia are welcome to no travelers, but an alcoholic veteran and his companions must find a missing girl who is the key to a secret cabal’s plot to restore order to the world.

Discordia #0 is a comic collection of horror shorts brought to you by the same team that successfully funded Tarnished, an epic fantasy graphic novel, on Kickstarter last year.

Created by Kristopher Jerome and Patrick Buermeyer, Discordia Issue #0 is the launching point for a future ongoing horror series from Dark Tidings Press.

The Project

This Kickstarter campaign is raising funds for a physical release of Issue #0 of Discordia, which premiered for free on Webtoon. It consists of three horror shorts set on the continent of Odessa, a land fallen into ruin after a world war.


Yep. We sure did. Issue #0 can still be read in the verticle Webtoon format for FREE here.

If it’s free, why in the heck would you back this project?

From the beginning, we decided to release the Issue #0 shorts on Webtoon to build hype around the project and to serve as a proof of concept before diving into crowdfunding.

If you wanted to, right now, you could leave this page, read the shorts for free, and be on your merry way without giving us a dime. But we don’t think you’ll do that, and here’s why:

1) You get to see Patrick’s art and layouts in all of their glory. He put a lot of work into getting a certain atmosphere onto these pages that you miss out on with the cut-up panels in the verticle format.

2) Physical Copy: Every backer tier above the bottom two levels gets a physical copy of the book, signed by both the writer and the artist. Who doesn’t want that?

3) Variant Covers: We got a talented team together to get us some awesome variants to have added incentives for backers.

4) Stretch Goals: As you’ll see below, the three shorts on Webtoon might not be all of the Discordia tales we have to tell.

5) Future Discordia Content: If this campaign does as well as I think it will, we will be Kickstarting a true Issue #1 of the ongoing series (not more shorts, but an overarching plot with reoccurring love-to-hate characters). Discordia isn’t cheap to make, so if fans never pitched in through sources like Kickstarter, the three shorts on Webtoon would be all of the Discordia content there is. This would be a tragedy, as we already have the next few issues written, and the broad strokes of the story mapped out.

Page 1 of the Frowning Man Short

What’s the funding goal?

With your help, we are raising $3000 for the physical release of Issue #0.

What is Discordia?

Discordia is the name given to the continent of Odessa that was formerly controlled by the Concord, a fascist empire that united the people of Odessa against the monsters that plagued their world. After its mysterious downfall, reality seemed to shift in the provinces of the Concord, leading to even more horrific monstrosities than ever existed before.

The Setting

The Continent of Odessa, map by Ralaris Maps

For this series, we wanted a fully fleshed out secondary world like you would expect in an epic fantasy series, but for horror!

Each country/province has its own history, unique monsters, and level of involvement with the war against the Concord. Think of Odessa as a fictional Europe/Asia before and during WWII from a technological and political standpoint. Some of the countries were democratic republics, some monarchies; but none were safe from the rise of fascism in the country of Thuvograd which lead to the Concord.

The continent of Odessa had long been plagued by monsters of all varieties, from vampires, werewolves and witches, to krakens in the sea. It was using this fear that the Concord was able to rally people to its cause, channeling their fear against the two inhuman races of Odessa, the Shyxx, and the Ghobatons (Scabs).

After years of war, the Concord had conquered all nations save one: the Kingdom of Alventi. Then alien monstrosities descended from the skies bringing with them a plague, and within months the Concord collapsed.

The main series of Discordia will take place 35 years after the fall of the Concord as a group of characters try to navigate the horrors of Discordia!

The Shorts

The Frowning Man

A creature from Kelviri folklore visits a family, allowing a mother to truly show her love.

Eldritch Storm

Two soldiers from opposing sides of the war flee the fighting and seek shelter with a rural family at their farm. The storm that follows them leaves everything transformed.

The Plague Bearers

During a battle between the Concord and Odessa Rebels, the first appearance of the Plague-Bearers shifts the tide of battle.

The Covers

Standard cover by Patrick Buermeyer
Variant cover by Stan Yak
Variant cover by Christian DiBari
Variant Cover by Vlad Legostaev

Check out the official Kickstarter Page here! Wed, September 2, 2020 10:17 PM UTC +04:00.

Discordia Website

Discordia Twitter

Connect with Dark Tidings Press, LLC-

Official Website




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