Hanging Elizabeth Reed: A Ghost Story | Doc. Review [UPDATED]

Who Is RedRoom Creative Media?

REDROOM CREATIVE MEDIA is an independent documentary film company that focuses on historical legends and lore. Currently, we are based out of Central Illinois. Also known for The Merry Spirits of Halloween.

Who Was Elizabeth Reed?

Credit FindaGrave.com

Elizabeth Reed was the first woman hung in IL. This was after the trail for poisoning her husband. On the tombstone it reads Leonard Reed Died Aug 19 1814 Death by Poison and below that Elizabeth Betsey Reed Died May 23 1815 Death by Hanging.

Folklore today says that she still wanders the earth, because she was falsely accused. Or maybe her voice wasn’t ever heard during the trial.

The Documentary

RedRoom Creative Media used crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, to help with travel, production, products and anything else to help bring the documentary to life. Within 24 hours they smashed their goal and took off into raising more than the initial goal itself.

Like most folklore, the evidence is never there to be found in the modern day of today. Back then no one really thought to document everything, therefore what was true and what is actually fiction? Between the documentary of various  people that were interviewed even state themselves that they really don’t have the hard evidence of backing up most of the claims. There’s only so much documentation that it can act as a recipe of “what if” rather than “this is what happened”. Like the Salem Witch Trials, how many of those women were accused of being or witching thy neighbors or parents bewitching their own children but were actually all “Innocent”, so it makes one think, did Elizabeth really poison her husband or was she charged for a false crime.

Credit FindaGrave.com

Documentaries are meant to help shine light on many interesting stories, history, or even folklore to help us understand while letting us view the area of where these past events were or could have been, example the abandoned football field where Reed was supposedly hung. As for providing evidence to the cases to help make a valid point could be from Paranormal Groups, Crawford County Illinois Ghost Hunters Society (CCIGHS) provided information of what they’ve been told and tried to debunk or at least document these locations of where Elizabeth may have been like her hanging, later on within the documentary we get a nice little taste of a possible Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) of Reed stating her opinion on a trial where her voice wasn’t heard?

As for the documentary as a whole, Redroom captured a intriguing look into the ghost story of Elizabeth Reed. It tries to capture the information, feel, and viewing of the possible locations of where the past events occurred. Like mentioning before, it really is hard to capture the real area’s when documents aren’t always there to back up where and when things went down, why folklore is a powerful “story-making” recipe that starts one way, and generations later people can add or change any details to help make it much more mysterious if not more convincing if told in a way that one can appreciate and respectfully dive into. Like most indie films, we have the shaky cameras at times, lighting that seems a little too bright. However, put those small things aside. Photography or the cinematography, can turn any film into a nice relaxing and exciting piece of work to watch over and over. It’s like a folklore history class, made for those seeking knowledge, while engraving the atmospheric music that helps set a chilling haunting mood.

RedRoom Creative Media


Hanging Elizabeth Reed: A Ghost Story


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  1. I am glad the team has made such a documentary to help spread awareness about the folklore as well as the possible injustice. Seems like a documentary everyone should watch. Thank you for sharing, Paul!!

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