Music Review: Molly Fancher | “Welcome to the Sematery” EP

Molly Fancher returns with new fresh music, you may have heard about them from our review of their “A Sudden Knock…” EP. Now their back with a little theme of tribute to horror author, Stephen King with their latest EP “Welcome to the Sematery”.

The new EP sounds terrific, it’s more cleaner, better, rawer and hell-oween of fun for those that want some new Russian Horror Punk Tunes in their lives. Honestly with 4 tracks and 1 being an intro (which could have played off with the main title track) each new song feels different with new techniques and faster punky sounding.


Molly Fancher
“Welcome to the Sematery” EP
August 13th 2020


1. Intro
2. Welcome to the Sematery
3. I’m Behind You (feat. Gleb Kasady “Chaneys”)
4. Mr. N
5. Die With Me

My favorite tunes from listening multiple times as to be the intro, just love it for a opening EP/LP works great. Piano’s or Keyboards is an automatic win for me. “Welcome to the Sematery” has a nice steady beat with some fast pacing, however I have to give it to “I’m Behind You”. Very unique and cleaver to the ear, I enjoyed it the thrill ride you could say. Finally “Die With Me” almost had me thinking of Misfits “Die, Die, My Darling” just a little bit, nonetheless the whole new EP from these guys sounds better than ever.

Check out their latest EP on Bandcamp & iTunes. Listen and buy.

band photo

Mystical trance, clairvoyance, split personality and many other things that make hair stand on end. Such was a life – life of Molly Fancher. Interesting, could poor girl Molly imagine that century and half later on the other side of globe will emerge a band named in her honor?

These five zombie’s rose from the graves to mix classical “horror cocktail” from black-&-white movies with Bela Lugosi and Lon Chaney Jr., cult horror fiction with vigor and speed a la Blitzkid and The Crimson Ghost, and then treat this to all comers. Lost souls, old cemeteries, beveled tombstones, bats, cold crypts, fog and darkness…

Molly Fancher. Straight from the graves on stage!

Band Members:
W. Burke – Guitar/Singer
А. Tuoni – Backing singer
R. Knox – Guitar
Charley-Charley – Сontrabass
Daft Jamie – Drums

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