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The Theatre is OPEN!

Since 2012 we’ve been making independent horror films with the help of our supporters. In our early days it was a friend volunteering for a speaking role, a cinematographer who shot for the passion, not the pay, or a young make-up artist just trying to get some practice working on a film. We always relied on the combined efforts of the few to help us deliver our brand of entertainment to the many.

Over the years we’ve matured as a production company. With a strong focus on storytelling, acting, locations, and practical effects, our experiences have helped us improve our production value, expand our fanbase and audience, and secure distribution deals that ultimately deliver us more exposure. We’ve built a brand that independent film fans can believe in and rely on.

Today, we’re asking you to believe in our next project.

Back in May of 2017 we launched the ambitious production of a four-film anthology titled “The Theatre of Terror”.

We successfully raised a $10k budget thanks to people like you. Less than 2 years later, “The Theatre of Terror” had its premiere in January of 2019 and we were floored at the reception it received. Our audience loved the diversity in our subject matter and the classic feel of the anthologies of old we were able to capture. 

This reaction energized and inspired us. Enough in fact, to send us back into the bowels of hell of indie filmmaking! Therefore, we are announcing our follow up anthology, “Return to The Theatre of Terror”. We’ve written and developed four new, compelling, and cryptic tales to send shivers down your spine.

Soothsayer: A brilliant scientist (Grasso) and his assistant (Johnson) discover the secret of time travel albeit with certain limitations. When he demonstrates his new device for an old colleague (Ooi), he catches a horrifying glimpse of what the future holds and is determined to prevent it.

Robot: Young Jack lives in an abusive home. One night he witnesses what appears to be a meteorite landing in the nearby woods and discovers a small, damaged robot at the crash site. Fascinated by his find, he brings it home as a keepsake. But this robot is sentient and rapidly becomes aware of the dire circumstances surrounding his rescuer.

Splinter: While renovating his recently inherited home, Scott Wills steps on a small splinter. The minor wound only continues to grow worse as he slowly learns the history of the town, it’s people and a terrible family legacy.  

Haunted: Carl McGavin is a less-than-professional paranormal investigator who receives a call for help from a widow in distress. Ever since her late husband’s passing, she and her daughter have been harassed by a poltergeist! McGavin takes the job, but what he discovers turns out to be much more than he bargained for.

                We are incredibly excited about delivering another anthology and having the opportunity to work with a fantastic collection of actors, cinematographers, and special f/x artists. As with every new project we develop, we’re upping the ante and pushing ourselves to raise our production value and create a visually and mentally thrilling film experience. We can only do that with your help.

So, if you love what we do, what we have accomplished, and where we’re going, please donate and help us get this project on the big screens so we can share our nightmares with you.


$25 – Indie Supporter
• Your name in the credits of the finished feature anthology as an Indie film supporter
• A digital link to four short films: “The Gift”, “The Bookworm”, “Abducted” and “Endangered”

$50 – Terror Trooper
• Your name in the feature anthology credits as a Terror Trooper
• A digital link to “The Theatre of Terror” feature anthology & “Soothsayer” (Act I from “Return to The Theatre of Terror”)

$100 – Co-conspirator
• An opportunity to appear in the film as an extra (travel and accommodations not included).
• A signed DVD and digital copy of “Return to The Theatre of Terror” and a digital link to “The Theatre of Terror”
• One of each promotional item printed for the new film (postcards, posters, includes shipping)
• All lower tier perks

$250 – Associate Producer
• Two complimentary tickets to the premiere OR a subsequent screening (travel and accommodations not included).
• An associate producer credit in the film and on imdb
• An official Theatre of Terror Staff t-shirt (size must be provided)
• A signed Blu-ray copy of “Return to The Theatre of Terror”
• Plus all lower tier perks

$500 – Executive Producer
• Your company logo in the opening credits alongside ours.
• Your favorite charity or your company website advertised on our website and Facebook page for one year.
• An invitation (plus one) to the private cast and crew wrap and screening party to be held in the NJ/NY area.
• Plus all lower tier perks


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