Spoiler-Free Comic Review: John Carpenter Presents Storm Kids: Hyperbreed Issue 2! “Thrilling Ride of Sci-Fi Space Action”

Without spoiling, we review, a sci-fi horror comic, John Carpenter Presents Storm Kids: Hyperbreed Issue 2 which provides sci-fi superhero action along with space and alien horror, in a new story that would be loved by teens and adults alike! Released & available at comic stores, Comixology and Storm King Comics website. (All links provided below the review)

About the story:

Byrr, Fext, and Cammo spacefold into an asteroid field, are nearly crushed by rapidly growing Yik crystals, flee their infected freighter and certain death in a tiny escape craft built for one, and find temporary refuge on Rotgut Station. There they stumble on one tiny ray of hope for survival, a peculiar little renegade ‘splice’ called Boomer, and learn that they never really left their true enemies behind.

John Carpenter Presents Storm Kids: HYPERBREED official trailer:

The Team behind the comic:

Series created by JOHN CARPENTER and SANDY KING
Hyperbreed created by LOUISE SIMONSON and GUY DORIAN, SR.
Pencils by GUY DORIAN, SR.
Lettering by JANICE CHIANG
Edited by SANDY KING
Title Treatment by JOHN GALATI
Managing Editor: Sean Sobczak
Graphic Designer: Sean Sobczak
Office Coordinator: Antwan Johnson
Publicity: Sphinx PR – Elysabeth Galati

Spoiler-Free Review:

Stuck on a spaceship while fighting alien infestation, handling the delivery mission, and now just trying to escape alive while having alien monster pirates chasing the humanoid-animal mutant heroes . That’s Hyperbreed Issue 2.  

  Hyperbreed is a sci-fi action adventure, horror comic with more focus on space, and sci-fi but there’s still monster/alien horror with limited gore suitable for the teens, and above. It’s what makes Storm Kids brand comics the perfect introduction to horror especially for teens. Like the name suggests, the story revolves around custom built humanoid heroes who have animal genes in them to provide superhero-like strength to conduct missions in space which often turn out to be impossible for humans. There are two guys, one with lion/wolf/bear genes, and the other with lizard genes. Their third team mate is a fox lady with agility. Together they make a formidable team, but their skills, strength, and intelligence is being tested on this fateful mission.

   Story starts off where the first issue ended. We see our three heroes stuck in their spaceship with a crystal-like symbiotic element damaging their ship, alien monsters trying to kill them, and capture the highly valuable package which was supposed to be delivered in time. This delivery mission turned into a survival mission in the issue 1, and now in this issue, we see how effectively our heroes deal with this problem, and escape to a space colony which is their hope for space fuel, rest, and perhaps, a solution for the ship problem.

  When they reach the space colony, they find that there’s something wrong with the mission they were on, and after meeting Boomer, who was once a Hyperbreed employed by the Earth, they find new details which help them to know what they must do next. The new twist helps to make the readers excited to see what happens next, and more importantly, who’s behind all of this? This sets the stage for the Issue 3.

  The comic is well written. As seen in the Issue 1, the character development is still strong through informal tone of dialogues between the team members, giving them human quality even if they look like mutant superheroes. The story pace is rational, and doesn’t feel forced or illogical as we can see the realistic struggle of getting fuel, money, food, and our mutant heroes facing discrimination at the space bar by drunk humans. There is no bad language, no nudity, no suggestive themes, or too much violence/gore as there’s plenty of action but it’s never indecent or disgusting. There’s horror but it’s more like monster or alien survival, with many aliens looking scary. Then there’s the survival horror on the spaceship as the crystal keeps growing while our heroes are trapped inside with oxygen supply getting cut off at various intervals.

In conclusion, Hyperbreed Issue 2 is a fun ride providing entertainment, and thrills that fit the brand name of Storm Kids. The characters are lovable, action is over the top, horror is intense, and the universe created in this comic book feels real which helps to keep the reader engaged. For any sci-fi space horror & superhero comics fan, Hyperbreed is a must read!

Official Preview:

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Hyperbreed Comic Info Page on the official website

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