“Song of Horror” Arrives to Consoles this October!

It has been confirmed from Spanish Playstation Website. They just tweeted out the following. Image screenshot below. Translated.

Article provided has been translated to English.
Source: https://regionps.com/el-terror-espanol-de-song-of-horror-se-estrenara-el-29-de-octubre-en-ps4-y-xbox-one/

Fear the ‘Presence’ in a third person horror adventure with still cameras.

Protocol Games and Raiser Games have confirmed during the Future Games Show: Gamescom 2020 Edition that the magnificent horror adventure developed in Spain, Song of Horror, will arrive on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on October 29.

The famous writer Sebastian P. Husher has disappeared along with his entire family. His editor, worried, sent one of his assistants to his house to look for him but he never returned … These disappearances have been the spark that has set in motion a series of events that will soon reveal a terrible fact: a dark and unnameable entity, known as The Presence is responsible for these acts.

Song of Horror offers a truly dynamic horror experience: the antagonist, a supernatural entity known as The Presence, is controlled by advanced AI that adapts to your actions and decisions. You will feel unimaginable terror when this otherworldly creature responds to your play patterns and chases you in unexpected ways, offering a unique experience to each player. The tension will rise gradually, and naturally, in each game rather than on sequences scripted beforehand.

As a player, you will experience this story through the eyes of a diverse group of characters, each related in their own way to the main story. Each of them is unique and will offer their point of view in the investigation, which will allow them to face the clues or use objects in a different way. Your actions and decisions will shape the universe of the game: some will know better or worse certain aspects of the story, while others will be more prepared to face supernatural beings. But all of them will die if The Presence catches them… and death is permanent. If they fall you will have to retake the story with another character and continue the investigation so that their deaths have not been in vain.

Song of Horror is available now on Steam.

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