Short Film Review: “Lost In the Woods”

When lost in the woods, be careful who finds you…

Writer. Director. DP. Editor – Alex Magaña
Co-Writer – Jed Brian
2nd Camera Operator – Oszkar Romé
Sound Mixer – Andrew Hughes
Production Assistant – Allison Marie Reyes

Susan – Chelsea Brea
Becky – Kristen Screnci
Alicia – Jhordan Munn
Shape Shifter – Rory Ross


“Lost In the Woods” is a nice little quick short film, inspired by the known Cryptid of Shape-shifter. Which can also be known as a Skin-walker depending on who you talk too, especially Native Americans.

Even though this short provides a short glimpse of the creature with the howling at the beginning, red eyes and growling near the end. I feel what hurts this short film just a bit of which could have kept the mystery of what is “finding them” is the Cast credit within the video description of “Shape-shifter” actor. From there we already know what the main actors are dealing with going into the film, taken away that could have made it more of a potential scare of “what is hunting them”, versus already knowing what IT is.

The acting wasn’t bad, sound design seemed clear and story was fast paced. In my little brief conclusion, be careful out in the woods exploring. You don’t know who or what is out there watching your steps. Sometimes, it’s best not to have CGI eyes when portraying a howling sound effects which can even hurt a small film. Otherwise well made little film for under three minutes to watch.

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