“Birth of the Goatman” LIVE on Kickstarter

What Is Birth of The Goatman? 

Birth of the Goatman is part 2 in a 3 part Limited Series exploring the Legend of the Goatman. Part 1 – Rise of the Goatman was previously funded on Kickstarter. **Catch up Bundles are available in the campaign.

BIRTH OF THE GOATMAN – 40 PAGES | A lone detective investigates the death of a family at a cabin in the woods which leads to an even darker discovery.

Meet Detective Garcia, tasked with investigating the events that took place at a cabin in the woods.

As Detective Garcia delves into the case, things aren’t all what they seem, which leads him to an even darker discovery.

  •  Folktales Of The Cryptids Vol.1 & Vol 2;  – [36 Pages Each] A collection of four Horror tales each based on a mythical creature. Featuring The Mothman, The Chupacabra and more…
  •  Rise Of The Goatman; [32 Pages] A family stumble upon a disturbing truth while staying in a cabin in the woods.
  •  The Making of Rise of the Goatman [32 Pages] Featuring the original linework of all the pages in the book, including concept designs of The Goatman.
  •  Wendigo Wood #1-#3; -[ 24 pages each] A retired war veterans search for his missing daughter leads him to a forest home to the urban legend of the Wendigo
  •  Stay Awake #1-#3; [ 24 pages each] Isaac Banks, a psychologist is forced to revisit the cases of three of his former patients when a detective reveals that each has died under suspicious circumstances.

AfterLight Comics is an Independent Horror Comics Publisher based in Liverpool, England. Established by Writer/Founder Joseph Oliveira in late 2017.

We’ve published over a dozen Horror Comic titles including Folk-Horror Series Wendigo Wood, Supernatural Horror Ghost Island, Psychological Horror Stay AwakeRise of the Goatman and more…

We believe we hold the candlelight for all of your Horror Comic reading needs🕯️

All 19 of our previous Kickstarters have been funded & fulfilled via Kickstarter ahead of all our deadlines.

Risks and challenges

The risk potential for this project is very low as the artwork for the comic is completely finished, by the end of this campaign we’d be able to put the print order through. So this is essentially a pre-order system. This is our 20th Kickstarter campaign, all our previous campaigns have been fulfilled ahead of our deadlines. We post daily on our social media pages to show you the progress we are making on this project every single day. Check it out!

Facebook: AfterLight Comics

Twitter: @afterlightcomic

Instagram: @Afterlightcomics


Read our RISE OF THE GOATMAN Comic Here!

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