Horror Comedy Comic Review: Darkboy & Adler Issue #1 (Issue #2 now on Kickstarter till Sept 17th! FREE Preview Available)

A small town boy in love with his high school bully… when you add in a mysterious voodoo book what can possibly go wrong?

Without spoiling, we review a fully colored 29 paged queer horror comedy comic book “Darkboy & Adler Issue 1” which was successfully funded on Kickstarter, and the Issue 2 is currently on Kickstarter and horror comic fans can receive the rewards for supporting it till September 17 2020 10:00 PM UTC +04:00 (Free Preview link of Issue 1 is provided on the Kickstarter Page)


The story is an old fashioned one, one about unrequited love, bullying and voodoo curses. Issue one introduced us to Adler, a young man who has fallen in love with the wrong person, the school bully and MVP on the school wrestling team. Jock is his name and he is angry with the world. It was just another ordinary day in school when Jock went too far and pushed Adler over the edge. As Adler walked home late that evening with a face full of tears, someone or something called to him… A book… just lying there in the road. We can help, we can make him love you, the book echoed into Adler’s brain. It is here where Adler has a choice, listen to the book and have all his dreams come true or carry on home. Alas our innocent hero chooses unwisely and The Darkboy is born. As expected it doesn’t end well for any of them.

Team Behind the Book

Creator, writer, pencils, inks, colours – Edward Bentley

Creator, pencils (issue 1 only) – Daniel Earey

Letterer – Rob Jones

Spoiler-Free Review:

This comic is a unique combination of horror comedy with coming of age drama featuring Adler, who decides to do anything possible to make sure that he gets to talk with his crush alone, and which leads him making a Voodoo doll named “Darkboy” after he finds a mysterious dark magic book on the street which gives him the idea to use the magic given in the book to fulfill his wishes. However, nothing is as simple as it seems.

  The comic starts with a glimpse of the climax of this first issue, and then we get to see how our main protagonist, Adler ended up the way it was shown at the start. We see the high school sports match being watched by Adler, and his friends. Adler’s motives of watching the match are only to appreciate the look of his favorite high school sports star, Jock. Adler’s friends try to convince Adler to not think about him as the sports star is already in a relationship with a girl. Adler gets beaten up by the said sports star, and his buddies who hurt Adler pretty badly, but despite this setback, Adler thinks that there’s definitely some connection between both of them. That’s when he stumbles across (literally) a dark magic book while on a stroll. Adler hears a spirit saying that all the dreams will be fulfilled through this book. So, Adler returns home, and creates a mess in his room to bind together a doll to use for the magical ritual. The same messy situation of his room is shown on the front cover of this comic book. The doll comes to life without Adler’s knowledge and what follows is the birth of horror superhero (kind of) duo Darkboy & Adler!

   The comic’s illustrations are very detailed, especially when it comes to the textures of the environments, and facial expressions. I love how well the story is told as we slowly get to know more about Adler’s life. Adler’s one female friend who’s trying to woo Adler but Adler is ignoring her. High school bullies who love to beat up, and insult. Messy adolescent emotions, and messier rooms. Everything is relatable here. There are some references to the pop culture, and famous brands too (with changed names of course, but easy to guess). The climax also feels like a homage to Frankenstein. The comic provides a queer story in a soft way that doesn’t feel forced, and the reader can understand the feelings of Adler regardless of the reader’s gender. The situational comedy is plentiful, and hilarious. The horror when starts, makes things creepy, and often funny (& messy) in a creepy way. When the issue ends, you look forward to what these two will do next!

   Overall, filled with superb situational humor, interesting characters, and creepy visuals, Horror Comedy Comic Darkboy & Alder Issue 1 entertains, scares, and provides a beautiful emotional story as well. This is a must read for anyone looking for a unique comic book that’s funny yet creepy with a story that will take you back to the high school, and then scare the lights out of you thanks to an ill mannered Voodoo doll.

Official Kickstarter Page of Issue 2 (Support before September 17 2020 10:00 PM UTC +04:00 for rewards!) FREE Issue 1 Preview Link Provided on the page.

Edward Bentley Illustration website

Darkboy & Adler FaceBook

Edward Bentley Twitter

Issue #1 & #2 Information from the Kickstarter:

Beneath the streets of Nowheresville, down in the depths of the dark dank sewers, there is a king that holds the answer to life itself… possibly. Now, it’s up to our perky hero Adler and the mysterious Darkboy to head into this unknown land and uncover the secrets that slumber there.

The boys are back and this time it’s personal… again. 

Cover design for issue 2 by Edward Bentley

 “Every now and then a comic book comes along, seemingly out of the blue, which restores your faith in the medium Darkboy & Adler ticks all the boxes. Every panel pops with kinetic energy, panel after panel crammed with so much detail it leaves the mind reeling. An immersive tale of unrequited love, high school sass and a malevolent voodoo doll. Five Stars. – Shaky Kane (The Bulletproof Coffin)

Darkboy & Adler issue 2 is a 40 page Horror Comedy with LGBTQ themes.

Issue One Recap.

Darkboy & Adler is your typical tale of unrequited love, bullying and voodoo curses. It all starts because of an obsession, Adler’s obsession with Jock, the school wrestling team MVP and local bully. Things take a turn for the terrifying when Adler falls face first into the gutter and comes face to face with an ancient book of voodoo magic.

Desperate for Jock’s affection Adler is reciting voodoo curses before you can say, “This might not be such a good idea”. Next thing the quick-fisted, meathead Jock has been transported into a patchwork Voodoo doll known as ‘Darkboy’.

Sandwiches, shotgun blasts to the head and convenient resurrection chambers quickly follow and here we are stood side by side with our less than dynamic duo – the foul-mouthed Darkboy and permanently lovesick (and now disfigured) Adler – ready for the next part of their adventure.

Interior pages from issue 1 by Daniel Earey & Edward Bentley

Issue Two.

Picking straight up where the wild and horrifying first issue left off. If things seemed weird before, the boys won’t know what’s hit them when they descend the steps down into the sordid sewers. What waits for them under the streets of Nowheresville is a world of nightmares and danger – a hidden civilisation of mutants ruled by the cruel and filthy Duke Pork.

The boys may regret looking for the origin of the book. Art from issue 2 by Edward Bentley.

But our heroes (well the closest thing we have to heroes anyway) need answers, so down they go to find them.

Will our titular characters find the knowledge they seek?

And even if they do will they live long enough to use it?

Love and hate, mutants and magic, filthy pigs and rocket-launcher toting voodoo dolls all combine to make Darkboy & Adler #2 a sexy, explosive wild ride that you won’t want to miss out on.

Do you dare to follow the boys down into the darkness?

The boys have an Angela Lansbury moment. Art from issue 2 by Edward Bentley.
The filthy Duke Pork. Art from issue 2 by Edward Bentley.

Get your copy today:- Official Kickstarter Page of Issue 2 (Support before September 17 2020 10:00 PM UTC +04:00 for rewards!) FREE Issue 1 Preview Link Provided on the page.

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