Music Review: Mordian “Romance In Disguise” EP


Mordian is a Vocalist/Composer and piano player from Chicago, IL. She has been performing professionally for the past 6 years. Her Victorian-infused 2019 release Romance in Disguise received numerous rave reviews (including Metal Hammer)

Romance In Disguise EP


The Feeling I Knew: Starts off the EP, as we listen to the piano atmosphere with a touch of Life “rising up from the grave”, for the name of Decay. A feeling of love and trust as if like the title suggests, a feeling that they knew.

When Days Felt Like Years: As Life and Decay? If we look at these songs as an idea of story telling, days felt like years “touring with the songs” traveling the world to portray the portrait of a wonderful life. But as the song draws closer to the end, it’s like “Life and Decay” start to break apart as the love dies down.

To What I’ll Never Know: Here we reach the change of mood, the shifting of what was to what happened. However the piece that is missing to the puzzle isn’t always there staring at us in the face. Therefore like in a real relationship outlook, we don’t always get sent away with “the truth” but we tell ourselves to “move on, and let go”.

Prelude In C Minor: a short mellow song, as you could say is the calm before the storm. With beautiful emotional harmonies.

Ninth Life: The finale, a nice send off to the EP of Mordian’s “Romance In Disguise”. I’ve always took this song about wandering around as a “cat”, defining the Nine lives journeying through all the lies within the world. It can also represent the meaning of continuing on Life with “bodies”, like Frankenstein sort of way. Transferring over body to body, life to life. Growing older but not in the normal way of life but in a spiritual sense of wonder.

Conclusion: Usually this type of music doesn’t go under my radar, however Mordian did just that. Seems like this gothic, hauntingly well produced EP went unnoticed. If it wasn’t for the fact that Mordian teamed up with DiAmorte, who also would have went under my radar if it wasn’t for Paul Allender teaming up with their insane music! Other than saying “Ninth Life” being the overall favorite track, I’d also have to throw in “When Days Felt Like Years”, and the harmony within “Prelude In C Minor”.

“Romance In Disguise” can also be taken as a short yet powerful concept EP. Where “Life” and “Decay” find each other, spend days if not years together of showing off their familiar love and loyalty of showing the world by traveling with songs. However near the years to follow, it seems Decay has once again made “life” feel betrayed and lied to. Letting go and moving on from someone or something that isn’t willing to share the missing pieces of what would be what “Life” will never know. Which eventually leads to the crushing conclusion of yet another failed attempt of succeeding, but eventually will “rise again” because it’s a feeling that is known therefore will then create another life and “try again”, hopefully to understand more, or fall into the feeling that is known as it repeats and repeats itself throughout time itself.

The best part of finding Mordian? Photo below shows the physical EP I messaged about and even received a nice card with the purchase, it’s nothing to drastic, however a nice kind gesture of appreciating fan support. Therefore I cannot say anything negative, this is truly an artist you should help out. It reminds me of old school Evanescence, mixed with some heavier elements of other stuff I know and love. To finish off my final thoughts, I’m looking forward to the new music, whether its from Mordian, DiAmorte (since she joined them) or both projects. Either way, check them out and don’t wait. Support indie artists today.


I should have asked her to autograph her EP for me… Next time.

Message Mordian on Social Media to Purchase Physically (Recommended)


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  1. Loved this review, and I think the song rocks. Music, voice, and lyrics are all awesome. I appreciate Mordian’s kind gesture of writing a personalized message too! She has a huge potential. Also, you & Tessa should do more music reviews in future! Maybe even reaction videos/articles. Supporting horror/thriller music is also a noble job. Keep it up!!

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